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Classifieds: Canopies: Stronglite + Ibex 290

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Stronglite + Ibex 290 new

Posted on 2019-10-19 by: Brendan Dubs
Stronglite + Ibex 290
Price: 1600 USD

Location: United States

Tailpocket was replaced 3 jumps ago. Lineset was replaced 70 jumps ago. One inner cell stitched from getting ripped on one of Dennis McGlynn's plants. This is the most lightweight rig I own. The Ibex is great for those that want a swoopy base canopy. I prefer my outlaw for bandit jumps or spicier LZs. The Stronglite is my favorite BASE container but requires that the owner takes time to figure out how to distribute volume correctly. DOM May 2014 Roughly 200 jumps

Manufacturer Type Size/Model Jumps DOM Serial #

ID: 10484 | Expires on: 2019-12-17

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