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Atair Trango 245
Atair Trango 245 with around 250 jumps Newer line set with about 40 jump Couple of patches done by a certified rigger Small smoke stain
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Morpheus Razor container for Trango 245
Morpheus Razor container sized for Trango 245 Made of parpac non three ring risers Made for 5?10? 160lbs 200 plus jumps Includes: container, bridle, and big grab toggles
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
Toxic 32 type 7 pilot chute
Toxic type 7 32? pilot chute new never used F1-11 upper and ZP lower
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
32 AV Asylum Pilot Chute
Almost new 32? Asylum AV Pilot Chute Not sure of the jumps or if it has any jumps at all
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
OSP 285
OSP 285 350 jumps Some small ripstop patch Make offer
Unknown Tag: 'Title'
trang2 265
trango 2 new line set no jump 265ft2 Verry good shap