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This is a free service to help you sell your new or used BASE gear. Ads are purged daily so you won't have to browse through old outdated listings. Please read our Listing Guidelines.

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Helium with OSP 245
Helium by Morpheus built for 5?10? 175lbs. Comes with OSP 245. DOM Dec 2016. About 50 jumps total. Harness is articulated and canopy comes with black lines. Will throw in 2 pilot chutes. System is ...
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Darkside container with OSP 245
DOM is Nov 2016 with about 50 jumps total. Canopy is mainly black and blue with grey center cell. Black lines in canopy with no wear or tears. Harness is built for 5?10? 175lbs. Articulated with ...
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Outlaw lite 248/stream
Made for 6' 165lbs 1 very small patch. Slight wear on tail pocket opening. message me for pictures/more details buyer pays shipping
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Asylum Perigee Pro & Seven 240 - good condition
Since I am not jumping anymore (at least for now), I decided to sell my gear. -Asylum Perigee Pro, DOM 2010, around 380 jumps -Seven 240, around 110 jumps, still silky, no holes / patches -3 ...
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Squirrel Colugo2
Selling my Colugo2. Suit is in very good condition and has around 60 jumps. No damages or water landings. Colors are green (front) und blue (back) with white zippers. Best for 177cm, 68kg, Shoe ...
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Adrenalin HYBRID LD2 / TRANGO3 225
AdrenalinBase Hybrid LD2 (black) + Trango3 225 (black) + 32" PC + new 36" PC + Big grab Toogles (2) + stashbag DOM 2014, first hand and well taken care of, 120 jumps on it. New ? 2.750,- Best ...