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ZAK 2 Average Rating = 3.50/5 by AdrenalinBase

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Zak2 Container

2 out of 5 stars ZAK 2 Rated 2 by: DanielRjumps on 2016-09-07

I have ~220 jumps on my Zak2 and am finally replacing it with a better container to solve my issues with it.

The top flap doesn't have a stiffener at the grommet, so it pulls a crease down the middle which then pulls the sides of the flaps inward. Because the side flaps don't overlap on the shoulders, when the top flap gets pulled inward, it can expose some canopy on each side. Packing extra neat with clamps can help but even then I've still had that happen when I put the rig on.

The bridle protection also sucks. with the design of the bottomless corners and the bottom flap, there's hardly any overlap between the bottom and side flaps to store the bridle and even with the bottom pin as tight as possible with extra fabric in the bottom, I've still run into issues with not enough tension between the flaps and having that small section of bridle become exposed on wingsuit jumps.

When flying fast and steep, sometimes the top of the pin flap will catch air and almost pop open. Additionally, the tuck tabs for the riser covers nearly ripped off (hanging by a few stitches) ~100 jumps in. This was because then never hotknifed the edge before sewing it on, so the threads unraveled over use.

All in all, this is an OK rig if you mainly jump slider down, and some terminal. There's a lot of room for improvement, although I heard they fixed a lot of it in the Zak3.