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Apex Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: blitzkrieg on 2017-03-04

The crew at Apex crafted the rig i'd been waiting for... without a doubt the nicest piece of gear i've owned yet. having had many containers over the years, i simply watched the evolution of this container from the sidelines, but knew i needed to have one eventually. when it arrived it did not disappoint. it has a slightly longer and narrower profile, which puts the PC in a much more natural location for pull time. even with all stainless hardware including 3rings (cutaway system is a personal requirement for all around rigs) the rig is extremely light and comfortable. on the first pack job with a FlikII280 inside and a 42" PC she weighed in right around 13 pounds. not too shabby.

the pin flap system is awesome, it packs up simply and it looks dead sexy. for me, it truly is everything i've ever been looking for in a harness/container.