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Lynx Average Rating = 5.00/5 by Apex BASE

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Lynx 270

5 out of 5 stars Lynx Rated 5 by: blitzkrieg on 2017-03-04

The Lynx 270 (~.82 W/L)

While I was afforded the opportunity to demo some new toys, the Lynx 270 was the tarp I was given to play with some on my way to Moab. Flying it back to back with the new Flik II during those couple months made it really tough to decide which rig I would jump each time. Here's my basic synopsis.

PCA - 2 second delays slider off.

openings are consistent and positive. generally i felt they were a bit snappier than average. i don't like to delay over 2 seconds because of some old neck injuries. the 2 second mark was my limit with this canopy as well so i cannot speak for opening shock beyond that. :) (nor had i experimented with slider up at that point) all of the openings were comfortable and pressurized cleanly and very fast. some partial end cell closure initially, but nothing abnormal from my experience. the Lynx was instantly responsive and controllable on opening.
the toggle pressure feels great and the canopy is very responsive and makes snappy turns when you want it. it has a very nice glide path and can cover above average distances in full flight. it also has no trouble shutting down and sinking down stable. it also has tremendous flare power. when forced down on fronts it has a natural ability for a smooth and strong swoop.

overall IMO this is a solid all around player. naturally a bit more speedy, but a tremendously powerful ability to shut down and land softly. a canopy that is a joy to pilot, but with its open nose and improved pressurization lacks nothing in the low altitude opening performance.