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the Flik II (~.8 W/L)

5 out of 5 stars FLiK II Rated 5 by: blitzkrieg on 2016-12-02

PCA - 2 seconds slider off.

I first got to try out the newly released Flik II from some buildings in Sri Lanka. I was pleased with it on the couple jumps i did on the 270, but I felt it's design would be better served on a lower wingloading, so i was looking forward to trying out a size or two up. I got the 280 and started some drills.

Again, positive and predictable openings. I had heard others complain about hard openings, but for me everything up to my max of 2 secs felt very nice. everything I threw at it was handled with ease. elevators, stalled flight, backing it up, front riser approaches, snap turns, etc. I was impressed right away with my flights.

the Flik II has what I would consider average flare power. I've always been attracted to the canopies with better than average flare like the Lynx and Lobo, much like the Seven/Feather wings and the Ace/BlackJack canopies with the 5 upper control lines. so for me, it just took a little tweak to my approaches to get the landings dialed in, but once I did, i was very happy with it.

the Flik II seems to be another solid all around canopy, with slightly better tight LZ abilities, and slightly less glide ability (in direct comparison to the Lynx). it really seems to do almost everything above average, and the lower jumps i did with it (170') performed flawlessly as well.

I've owned and jumped many canopies out there and if I could only have one in the quiver, this would be the one I'd choose.