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Apex Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: blitzkrieg on 2017-03-04

The crew at Apex crafted the rig i'd been waiting for... without a doubt the nicest piece of gear i've owned yet. having had many containers over the years, i simply watched the evolution of this container from the sidelines, but knew i needed to have one eventually. when it arrived it did not disappoint. it has a slightly longer and narrower profile, which puts the PC in a much more natural location for pull time. even with all stainless hardware including 3rings (cutaway system is a personal requirement for all around rigs) the rig is extremely light and comfortable. on the first pack job with a FlikII280 inside and a 42" PC she weighed in right around 13 pounds. not too shabby.

the pin flap system is awesome, it packs up simply and it looks dead sexy. for me, it truly is everything i've ever been looking for in a harness/container.


Apex Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: werd2dawise on 2016-03-31

I love this container. I used it for 357 jumps. Most were slider down, and about 100 were slider up. I loved it for wing suiting as well. When jumping slider down, the pc handle was positioned very well for an easy reach. Everything fit very well and there were no pressure points. It closed very clean and held up very well. It didn't seem to age. It is a very well built and durable container.

Love my Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: jimmyp on 2016-03-23

I've been jumping the Summit for a few years now and it just keeps getting more and more comfortable. I particularly like the through loop on the top flap giving it secure closure despite of the very low bulk I pack on the top of the container. I also really like the longer length of the container making it to a very easy pull when I wingsuit, do aerials or have too many clothes on.

Apex Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: skyhive on 2016-03-03

This is the first low-profile rig I've owned, but I have jumped several others. It's small, light, and incredibly comfortable. Most packed BASE rigs feel like I strapped a suitcase to my back. Even if they're light/low-profile, they always have a very wide footprint and are especially uncomfortable on smaller framed people.

My Summit feels like I have a backpack on. Crazy comfortable and can be used for any application. Mine is used primarily for slider up wingsuit or freefly jumps, so pin and bridle protection have to be the best. It goes without being said that Apex needs no introduction... Pioneers of the sport, innovative, constantly refining their equipment, and decades of proven reliability and consistency.

Apex Summit

5 out of 5 stars Apex Summit Rated 5 by: base_367 on 2016-03-01

Apex has been designing BASE rigs for 27+ years. Far longer than any other manufacturer & their quality is reflective of this experience. The Summit is an awesome rig!! The design is clean & looks good. The pin protection is excellent! The fit is comfortable! I've always been critical about bridle protection/concealment, especially with wingsuit flying - The Summit excels with this more than other rigs. I'm also very happy with the length of the Summit. Its long enough so that the pull is really easy, but not too long so that the rig is impeding the backside pressurization of my wingsuit. Nor does the length add potential bridle entanglement scenarios that other long "wingsuit" specific rigs create.
The Summit also offers an excellent balance in durability & weight. Though it is relatively light, it's definitely not the lightest on the market, but the peace of mind, knowing you have a well constructed rig is well worth a couple extra ounces...

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