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BASE Jumping: Help: Security and Scams: Classified Seller Scams

Classified Seller Scams

The typical Seller Scam involves someone offering gear for sale that they have copied from some other site - typically EBay. These scams may be harder to detect but a little common sense can help prevent you from becoming a victim:

What to look out for:

  • The subject line and body of these ads are often quite clearly a "copy-and-paste" version of some other ad.
  • In many cases the seller will not have made the effort to scrub the ad, so you'll still see references to "bidding" if the ad has been lifted from EBay for example.
  • Look for detail. While not in itself an indication of a scam, a BASE jumper will usually be able to break down their gear and post the actual manufacturer, type and size information and even a serial number.
  • Be suspicious of any user who registered very recently and immediately posted and ad. While this in itself is no indication of a certain scam, just be more cautious.

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