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Submitted by BASEwiki on 2007-06-13 | Last Modified on 2007-06-17

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pushing myself gently past my comfort zones on jumps. for example; i was jumping a new 980'A with the most technical landing ive ever ecountered. no outs, no room for anything but perfect accuracy. in addition the climb had to be done not geared up and the crows nest was a small grate with no railings whatsover! standing 1000' up with another jumper on an open platform no larger than a picnic table trying to getting your gear out and on was freakin intense! so once that was accomplished i realized i was extremley spun up. new object, tight landing, not ideal winds, but i decided i had the skill and experience to do this succesfully. i took a moment and sat down. closing my eyes i scaanned my body for every tense muscle. one at a time i relaxed each one taking slow deep breaths. i told myself, "im going to jump, whats going to happen is going to happen. being controlled by fear is only going to increase the chances of the unthinkable. so open your eyes, smile and calmly make this base jump... now"

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Go for it!
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