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Stowed Slider Down updated

by admin

I can only write what's my opinion and my experiences with Stowed and slider down.

First of all I wouldn't recommend slider down on jumps with more than 3 sec. delay - It's just to much speed @ unbridled opening.

Then the altitude and the size of pilot chute:

The 48" P/C is too big to fit the BOC, I use it between 60m and 120m AGL Handheld. Why would you make it stowed for such short delays - just to look cool? - That's not my way, I just make a safe jump with "safe" altitude and no stress if you slip out @ exit in case you jump stowed and have to reach / grap your stowed P/C and you don't have much time for that. So keep it handheld and in the previous case you only throw the P/C away. Or you have to grap it twice because of a fault in the first grap.... think about it.

I use the 42" P/C about 150m AGL. Fits my BOC but here's the point, Reaching difficult exits with a hand held P/C is very uncomfortable - you may have to secure , hold , or climb to exit, so stowed will be fine if the conditions are the right: Altitude, Wind, Thermals, Landing Area.

I think everyone must make his own "jump plan"

Here are some links to my videos:

Pw: span

Here you can see I am going handheld Throwing quickly after exit to open "high", as to reach the difficult landing area at the bridge (98m). The second (the cliff(140m)) first jump I am going handheld but it was a torture with the P/C in the hand down to exit (o.k. I've loose my break lines forgotten that I didn't let them go through the riser ring ;-})

Pw: base2009

Here are some stowed jumps and @ 5:05 you see an little P/C hesitation after Throwing and @ 5:09, I slipped a little bit on the Icy railing

So make your own imagine ;-}

c ya @ exit ;-}

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