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Base and Life . . . updated

by Nick Di Giovanni

When myself and some other jumpers are chased after a building jump here in San Diego I got a phone call from the Police Department the next morning. It seems a police Lieutenant wanted to know if a few of his men could learn to BASE jump and use it as a crime fighting tactic. Amazingly he figured he could station these men on downtown high rises, ready to pounce on crime they would see in the streets below, he actually used the term, “Batman like .. ”

After I explained what is involved as far as learning, and the important matter of staying very current, he realized it wasn’t practical.

Another time, Kenny Rodger’s (the singer) wife called me and said Kenny had seen BASE jumping on TV and thought it is really neat. As it is his birthday, his wife wants to buy Kenny a BASE jump. At first I thought, great, we could bag him into the water somewhere, being sure he’d write a cool song about BASE jumping. But I finally got a hold of myself, imagining the headline, “Singer Killed in Plunge from Bridge,” and told her, no, it isn’t really a good idea. I gave her the Perris phone number and suggested a skydiving tandem jump instead.

When Chuck Sweeney landed a building jump in Los Angeles, one night, he is chased and actually shot at by the Secret Service who, unknown to him, are guarding the first President Bush who is sleeping in a hotel room across the street. After it is all sorted out (we’ll forget about the jump, you forget we shot at you) the agents realized Chuck could have flown right into the President’s window carrying explosives, so now this is something they always check on, the possible launch points for terrorist BASE jumpers.

Submitted by Nick Di Giovanni on 2007-06-18 | Last Modified by NickDG on 2012-12-10

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you should have dumped kenny's ass in the water at the Perrine and video his lame ass climbing out

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