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1. Romsdalen suits experienced big wall jumpers best. Good tracking skills are absolutely a must!

2. We do not have an active club to take care of new comers like Kjerag.

3. Contacts are those who are present in the valley at the time.

4. If you come to Romsdalen you have to know one week on the ground is not unusual. 2 weeks or more is recommended if you come here for jumping.

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Paul Fortun

5. Base jumping is legal in Norway, but Troll wall is illegal. This is because of potentially complicated rescues and danger for the rescue team. Please respect Troll Wall, and if you decide to jump make sure you know where to jump, and have the skills to make a safe jump there. We do not recommend jumping in the no fly zone at all! (see attached picture). Police decide if this area is safe or not, and this can easily be changed to other sites if there is too many rescues. The fine for a jump in troll wall is 20 000 nok + all jump related equipment, including camera!

6. The locals are great to us, and they are pleased to have jumpers coming visiting the valleys, but treat them with respect, and be respectful of your driving around private property. Do not park cars on grass fields, or camp! Landing is in most cases okay. The locals love to watch jumping, and it is common to inform them before jumping.

7. Make sure you know where you are jumping in case of emergency, and not only the jumpers nick name of the place.

8. Be fit for long hikes, and have proper clothing for mountain hiking. Prepare for spending the night outdoor.

9. Always jump with a radio (motorola USA coding) and get yourself a Norwegian sim card for your phone. It makes it easier to keep in contact with the locals or the emergency team if necessary. Fully charged batteries are always important, since a rescue can take time. Most of the walls have loose rocks, and a rescue operation can take time to plan. If you get stuck, try to collect your gear, sit still, and wait for contact with the locals, or rescue team. Always leave your personal information and phone number with someone.

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10. The media have an eye on us after several close calls and rescues, so behave yourself and minimize (or eliminate) your reckless jumping, and behavior. What one jumpers does, will affect the whole group!

11. Help us keep the hikes and exit points clean. What you bring up, you bring down.

12. Most of the walls are heavily affected by south eastern wind. When jumping you should always have people on the ground, and do not push the limits with this wind direction. At times there can be some wind on the exit point, and on the ground, but on the tallus it is strong turbulence. On Karlskråtind, I have almost been flipped around on my back flying track pants mid way down the ledge. On exit there was no wind, I was just accelerating & building speed, got a good track going with a lot of energy, but then I surprised by the turbulence & cross winds. The wind almost flipped me around twice and caused me to lose a lot of height. After opening, the canopy collapsed and reinflated several times.

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You do not get groundrush in big walls with steep talus!

You always assume you are higher than you are!

Turbulence does affect your opening, and hitting the brakes before completely pressurised is not a good idea!

Police emergency number 112

Rescue emergency number 113




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