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Potato Bridge (Visit this link)

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1.Call the Sheriff dispatch before the start of every jumping day (+1 208 735–1911)

The Sheriff has asked that we call the dispatch at the beginning of any day when there are jumpers on the bridge. This is so that the dispatch operator can calm anyone who calls in the emergency number to report a suicide jumper, and explain that BASE is normal and accepted here. If we do not call, the Sheriff has to send a patrol car to investigate whenever jumpers are reported at the bridge.

2.Please do not stand on top of the handrail.

The transportation department, which owns the bridge, has asked that jumpers not stand on top of the handrail because it distracts motorists, and they are concerned that it may cause motor vehicle accidents on the bridge. The bridge is the main entry to town from the interstate, and accidents on the bridge back traffic up all the way through town.

3.When using planks/platforms, remove them when not jumping.

If you place a plank or exit platform, please remove it when your party is not physically present at the bridge (either packing at the visitor center or in the park at the bottom, or jumping, hiking, or riding out). If you leave the bridge for any reason (even to get lunch or to pack at a hotel), please remove launch platforms until you return. Always remove platforms at the end of every jumping day.

4.Respect the local people.

Twin Falls is a small, rural, conservative, American community. Be aware that nudity, excessive profanity, drug use, or excessive drinking will give jumpers a bad reputation here. Beer in public is acceptable, so coolers in the park are no problem. Music, so long as it’s not overly explicit, has also never been a problem.

5.For boat service call Don Mayes (+1 208 731–6448)

Not really a jumping guideline, but so many people ask for Don’s number that I’ll include it here. Don also has brochures and business cards at the visitor center at the top of the bridge.

6.BASE jumper discounts

BASE jumper discounts are available at many area businesses. Be sure to check if you can get one for hotel rooms and meals. Outback (at the top of the bridge, behind the visitor center) offers 2 for 1 drink specials for BASE jumpers all day, and IHOP (at the top, on the other side of Blue Lakes) has a 15% discount for jumpers. Patronizing local businesses and letting them know that you are a jumper makes people aware of the business that jumpers bring to town.

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