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Here is some useful information that the SBK klubb has put together over the years...

When flying into Norway you will fly from Olso-Stavanger ..while in Stavanger here are some useful advice....

Basejumping Article Image2
As you can see we do have beginner exits to highly Advanced exits

There is a city map of Stavanger attached to this mail as well as helpful links below. When you get to the Sola Airport catch a bus or taxi to downtown Stavanger. Dock # 13 located next to Fiskepirterminalen Building, here the slow and fast ferry leave from in Stavanger, the street address there is 14 Verksgata street. Verify with ferry web links below as 2010 may have some slow ferry departures leaving from Lauvik and a bus is needed to get from Stavanger to Lauvik. This ferry ends at Lysebotn where the Base Klubb and accommodations are located.

Basejumping Article Image3
The landing area at kjerag looking down from exit 6

The 2 accomodation places while jumping in lysebotn are underneath, although the trekking place is 30 nok extra a night it does include a free really great hot breakfast (big), free showers in all rooms and free wireless..BOOK WELL IN ADVANCE

Norwegian Trekking Association for accommodations web link is

Basejumping Article Image4
The landing area at smellvegen which is called the lower ladder landing area

Lysebotn Tourist Camp web link is

Basejumping Article Image5
A view of the lysebotn fjord
Steve baich

The camp ground (white house) is 30 nok cheaper, although showers are 10 nok a hit and then you still will be paying for breakfast so at the end of the day it evens out. Or you can take a tent and as long as you camp away from any buildings at least 200 feet and move campsite every 2 days you can camp for free around Norway..But camping in Norway can be cold and damp as Norwegion weather can be very turbulent at times...

Slow Ferry web link link is

Basejumping Article Image6
View of the small village of Lysebotn

(May 29th - June 25th everday @ 10:00 from Stavanger)

(June 26th - August 29th @ 9:00 & 15:00 from Lauvik dock which bus picks you up at Fiskepirterminalen Building dock # 13, 1 hour before departure time.)

Call booking information +47 51868788 if you have a problem.

Fast ferry web link is

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday, leaving Stavanger dock # 13 @ 13:30)

Call booking information +47 91652800 if you have a problem

Basejumping Article Image7
The tennis court is another landing area for smellvegen cliff

The Best Western Havly Hotel website is . They are located as yellow circle #1 on the map. This is a decent place to stay if you need a hotel room for the night while in Stavanger before you catch the ferry into the Fjords. Also there is a hostel in town as well ,where if you tell the backpackers your a base jumper you might get laid or told to fuck right off ...depends on what nationality is there.

The KIWI grocery store is located in the Magasinblaa shopping centre at #2 Verksgata street approximately 150 metres from dock # 13. This is the best place to purchase groceries for your trip into the Fjords because its just next to the ferry docks.

Map directions to the Magasinblaa shopping center and KIWI are HERE

The Butchers meat market is also located on the street named Verksgata just across the street from KIWI Grocery store.

This should help a little for when you arrive in the City of Stavanger. Print this info and keep it in your suitcase.

Things to bring to Kjerag...

As the town of Lysebotn has around 17 buildings mostly the power company, here are some things to bring with you and some things to think about.

    When coming bring these things..
  1. A two way radio Motorola (US coding)
  2. At least 2000-3000 nok in cash (yes the club and accommodation take credit card but don't give out cash)
  3. Bring at least a weeks shopping from stavanger ,we do not have shops or food places can buy a burger at the campground at 1 million nok (joke)..and also lunch at tourist place but it can be expensive so purchase your food in stavanger and bring on ferry.
  4. Purchase duty free alcohol at airport for cheaper rates as well as cigarettes,a packet here will set you back 95 nok...

Be prepared for 2-3 hour hikes have well worn in hiking boots and wear comfortable clothing for wet and cold hikes.

    If you are coming for a BASE course be well prepared and get here the day before so you can walk the landing area don't show up late at night and want to walk area ,this will only hamper your efforts to jump the next day as you will miss the course because you will be walking the landing area (If you have never jumped here at Kjerag you still need to walk the landing area even if you have 1000 base jumps or 6 you have to walk the landing area)
  1. To do wingsuiting here you must have 20 wingsuit flights out of a plane...
  2. When you plan your trip to Norway allow 3 weeks/ If you get 14 days of crap weather you will at least have 1 good week (account for this) , don't show up with 3 days to jump you wont get many....
  3. Bring Goretex or similar type of clothing (marmut super mica) ,warm clothes at night...
  4. Check weather for this area... - June could be the best month in Kjerag based on last 3 seasons....
Basejumping Article Image8
Exit points on smellvegen

One last point for now....

The flights into Stavanger from most places get here either really early in morning or late in afternoon...if you get in early you can race around grab food and get on ferry for that afternoon if you get late then you will pay to stay in Stavanger and have to get next days ferry...account for this while purchasing tickets and making reservations at Kjerag...

A helpful tip, If you purchase your Phoenix fly tracking suit or wingsuit and do between 50-100 skydiving jumps before coming here....Your skill level will exceed in the base arena...This tip is a HUGE tip.....

Velcro rigs are not to be jumped at Stavanger base klubb, don't show up intending to jump we will not allow you on the load... We have plenty of hire rigs here (11 rigs in total, All ranging from 220-300 sq feet)

Load times are 8:30am to Kjerag Only
2pm to Kjerag Only
7pm to Smellvegen Only
3 loads a day

We require each jumper to have a 2 way radio US coding...Buy one before you arrive otherwise you will need to purchase one here from our shop...(These radios will save your life it has saved 2 people in the last season)

If you can afford a Go Pro then you can afford a Radio...

All jumpers first time of arrival have to see the landing area...

I will add more as I think of it....

The most comprehensive and up to date information about jumping in Lysefjord can be found at

Also you can find Stavanger Base Klubb on Facebook..

Helpful information for your Kjerag Trip (2016)

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