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The concept of mentoring is one of the reasons BASE is such a great sport. The idea that BASE is taught worldwide through unofficial student-teacher relationships, much like guilds and apprenticeships have worked through the ages, gives the sport a romantic notion that few other sports can offer.

However, the fact that BASE works with unstructured and informal training programs brings a lot of risk with it as well. First jump courses have managed to establish a solid base on which mentors can build, but there are still many things that BASE apprenticeships worlwide can improve, both for mentors and for students.

This page discusses mentoring from both a student and a mentor’s point of view.

For students

Finding a good mentor can be hard. Not all areas have many jumpers, let alone jumpers with sufficient skills. A good mentor offers the following:
  • A significant amount of experience (preferably more than 200 jumps) A broad range of experience (anything from static line jump.
to PCA to terminal to unpacked jumps, and everything in between).
  • Strong didactic skills. The best jumpers can be terrible teachers, and somebody with only a handful of jumps can be great at it.
  • Patience, for the cases where the rate at which you learn is slower than he would like.
  • Patience, to avoid taking you to sites you are not ready for yet.
  • Modesty; a teacher that realizes that a student has knowledge to offer too, and understands that a mentor is just as much a student as the student is.
  • High standards, meaning that the mentor will not just offer to teach BASE to anybody, but will only accept those students that have shown dedication and solid preparation.
  • One thing your mentor should definitely not offer is romance of any kind. BASE has a bad history of accidents that indirectly involved romance between a mentor and a student. Tom Aiello has written this article about it.

    For mentors

    Basejumper is waiting for contributions from experienced mentors. This section should explain what mentors should do, and what they should look for in students. There might be some overlap with the section for students above, but it’s from a different point of view.

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