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Slider Down or Off updated

by BASEwiki

Slider down or slider off has long been a point of debate within the BASE community. The fact is that there is no right or wrong choice, but there are right and wrong ways to execute that choice. If you take it off, be sure of your rigging. If you leave it on, be sure to properly secure it.

The decision is not so critical. If you constantly switch from slider to non-slider type objects, possibly are not too organized or have little rigging experience: leave it on. If the opposite is true then take it off and your slider-off pack jobs will be easier and lower bulk.

The following list of positives and negatives associated with each method should help you decide your preference.

Slider Down

  • Easy reconfigurations between slider-up and slider-down configurations. Minimal chance for misrigging.
  • Slider can function as a cross-connector in grossly unstable deployments or risers disconnecting. This has saved at least once persons life.
  • Adds bulk to pack job.
  • Must be properly secured.

Slider Off

  • Less bulk and cleaner in the pack tray.
  • Can allow canopy to spread further in flight, slightly improving glide.
  • More complex reconfigurations between slider-up and slider-off. Greater chance for misrigging.
  • Must carry tools and slider to reconfigure.

Submitted by BASEwiki on 2007-06-11 | Last Modified on 2009-08-28

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jumping slider down can prevent the lines from snapping open on their own, creating guaranteed line twists if there is any initiation on low jumps. line twist with off-heading is a very bad situation on short jumps.
the slider should be taken off when it is not being used.
using reserve softlinks makes it much easier to re-rig.

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