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BASE Jumping: Articles: Getting Into BASE: Preparing for BASE - Freefall Skills

Preparing for BASE - Freefall Skills new

by Tom Aiello

Prospective BASE jumpers should develop free fall skills before beginning to BASE jump.

There are two sets of freefall skills that a BASE jumper should develop; terminal and subterminal.

Terminal freefall skills are best learned from either skydiving or tunnel flying (indoor skydiving). The terminal free fall skills that will be most important in BASE are stability, heading control and tracking.

Before starting BASE, being stable and keeping heading should be second nature. You should also be able to quickly and easily re-establish heading, either after turning or after becoming intentionally unstable and then regaining stability. Practice tracking for best glide (not just slowest fall rate). Tracking practice is more or less solely available from aircraft, although new angled wind tunnels may change that in the future, depending on how they are adjusted.

Subterminal freefall skills can be learned in many different environments, including rope jumping, bungee jumping, diving (from platforms or springboards), trampolines, or gymnastics. Basically anything that puts your body into the air and teaches you to change your position or the direction you are facing will be helpful.

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Submitted by Tom Aiello on 2017-03-16

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