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Groundcrew updated

by admin

I have knowledge in this area over the past 5 years, but FAR from any kind of expert, but I will get the ball rolling on this article. There are things that a good groundcrew member should know and be able to provide for the jumpers they are helping.

1. Knowledge of the streets around the object being jumped- If your dropping the jumpers off to be picked up, or plan on parking near the object, the GC needs to know multiple routes leading to and from the site. Know the normal activity in the area you are in, will you likely to be noticed parked, or is it normal for cars to be there at odd times, are there businesses open during these times where workers are present.

2. Know the backup plan- Things can go wrong for any reason, from a maintenance crew showing up unexpectedly causing you to flee, to a jumper with major injuries. When these incidents occur the time to talk and decide what everyone wishes are have long passed. Know the rally point in which you will pick up everyone if you are comprised and have to flee for cover. Know what jumpers want YOU to do in the event they are injured(help without calling 911, call 911 and stay, call anonymously, call family member etc) all should be planned ahead of time.

3. Know basic first aid- You could possibly be the only person between getting a jumper with a moderate injury off the site safely and to the hospital, or them having to call 911 and burn the site. Know when to say when ie, unconscious jumpers, possible neck or back injuries and the jumpers wishes in these situations.

4. Help maintain security- Silence your cellphone, don't slam car doors, speak only loud enough to be heard, use dim or red lights. Keep your head on a swivel, while jumpers are focusing and preparing for the jump you are the best person to be aware of your surroundings.

5. Keep the Beer COLD!

Please update, or correct anything you see, I will do so also as I continue to think about the subject.

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