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Apex BASE Black Band Press Release new

by mary barratt

Apex BASE Perris, formerly Basic Research, Inc., announces the following advisement regarding Multiple Bridle Attachment stowage in any/all BASE specific containers:

It has come to our attention that the black rubber bands (Skybands by Ralph Ponce) may not be suitable for stowing the Multi Sheath within the container. The black bands are so strong and unbreakable that too deep of a bite on the Multi Sheath can cause a deployment hesitation, creating a pilot chute in tow malfunction.

From this point on Apex BASE (BR) strongly urges all jumpers with Multi to stop using the black bands in the tops of their containers, and instead use the small beige skydiving stows available through many skydiving shops. If you prefer, you can also cut the bands in half lengthwise, creating a "barely there" band.

The desired result of stowing the Multi Sheath in the top of the container is to help stage the deployment of the bridle, the Multi Lines and sheath, and the parachute. This stowage is in no manner meant to reef the parachute in any way. Firmly constricting the Sheath can and will lead to the p/c in tow malfunction.

Please mention this press release to your friends that have the Multiple Bridle Attachment option on their FOX and FLiK canopies.

Please call us at (951) 940-1324 or visit our website at for more information.

Submitted by mary barratt on 2014-02-13

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