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Helium updated

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With more people getting into tracking and wingsuit BASE and with the advancements of the wingsuits themselves, we wanted to create a container that when combined with a tracking suit or wingsuit would help with the aerodynamics of forward flight. The ws X-treme has been the catalyst in this department but only caters to the smaller canopies. (245 and below) The Helium low profile Gargoyle features the same all speed tested pin protection that the standard Gargoyle and the ws X-treme features and has also been tested from slider-down go and throws to head down skydives. The Helium can accommodate all canopies from a 185 all the way up to the 305 yet is lower profile than the standard Gargoyle and packs up flatter for less turbulence during horizontal flight. The Helium offers a bit more ease in packing than the ws X-treme as well. [hr] Standard Features: [ul][li]• Low Profile for more aerodynamic flight[/li] [li]• Dynamic Corners.[/li] [li]• Split leg straps and superior padding in the leg pads: reducing the discomfort of opening shock with adding extra bulk.[/li] [li]• Streamlined Velcroless riser covers.[/li] [li]• Integrity Risers (3-rings optional)[/li] [li]• Floorplate for top flap closing loop. (Like on most reserves)[/li] [li]• Standard top flap closing loop.[/li] [li]• Complete bridle protection pocket[/li] [li]• Inner BOC Bridle Storage Pocket (for use when utilizing the wingsuit B.A.S.E. pilot chute pouch)[/li] [li]• Bottom of container deployment pouch.[/li] [li]• Twenty-eight custom colors to choose from.[/li] [li]• Big Grab Toggles.[/li] [li]• ParaPack Fabric as Standard.[/li] [li]• Hook Knife.[/li][/ul] [hr] Options: [ul][li]• Lower articulated harness. (hip rings)[/li] [li]• Stainless Steel hardware. (now available with large rings)[/li] [li]• Black Phosphate Hardware.[/li] [li]• Double Pin stripes.[/li] [li]• B-12 leg strap hardware (now available with hip rings)[/li] [li]• Cordura Fabric. (No additional charge)[/li] [li]• Tie dye and specialty fabrics (call for current availability)[/li] [li]• Wingsuit BASE Pouch Bridle Retainer.[/li] [li]• 3-rings (mini or large rings) [/li][/ul] [hr] [url][/url], [url][/url]

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