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Gargoyle updated

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The dual-pin configuration is an optimum design for pin-closed BASE containers because it spreads the closing force evenly over a large area, therefore, creating a more even, controlled pin tension. The Gargoyle's unique pin protector flap has been designed with ballistic cloth stiffeners that slot together, offering complete pin and bridle protection. This design avoids the higher tension that can occur with a wrap around flap. The two stainless steel curved pins are spaced so that when there is tension placed on the bridle, the pins extract in sequence from bottom to top.

As the first pin is extracted, the "no tension" flap peels open with ease making this a safer design for all airspeeds.

The Gargoyle does not have enclosed corners at the base of the container. This ensures the opportunity for an optimum, on heading deployment. It has a streamlined design and curved yoke that contours to the user's body shape and length, allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Added: 2007-05-23 | Last Modified: 2011-02-04 | Views: 9432 | Item ID: 27

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4 out of 5 stars Gargoyle Rated 4 by: mfly on 2014-02-05

I love my Gargoyle it is an amazing container with nothing wrong except one little detail, its too heavy for long hikes. It really makes a big difference. But thats the only little tiny detail that i can say negatively about it


Gargoyle is PERFECT!!!

5 out of 5 stars Gargoyle Rated 5 by: Blair25185 on 2014-01-23

I love jumping my Gargoyle, this rig is perfect for high speed deployments AND slider down deployments too!


My Gargoyle is awesome!

5 out of 5 stars Gargoyle Rated 5 by: GreenMachine on 2008-10-20

As a relatively newer jumper I found the wonderful people at Morpheus very helpful. They allowed me to visit their facility, looked at my skydiving rig, took measurements, and made me a custom rig that looks, feels, and works great!!!

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