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Vertex 2 updated

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Vertex 2
Vertex 2Vertex 2
Vertex 2
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The Vertex 2 is an upgraded model of the Vertex single-canopy, two-pin BASE jumping harness and container system first introduced in 2000 to meet the need for added security during advanced acrobatics and terminal-velocity BASE jumps. Like the earlier model, the Vertex 2 comes in verity of sizes to match Basic Research’s canopy sizes (FLIK and FOX) and includes all the original features plus several new ones.

The Vertex 2 flap closing order is the same as the original Vertex, with the closing loops mounted on the bottom and top flap. The pin protector flap is part of the left side flap with a top-end tuck tab to protect the top pin, bridle and floating lower pin.

The yoke design is refined to fit more comfortably. Riser covers and side flaps are now integrated into a single unit with inboard tuck flaps that conceal the whole riser and all hardware.

The Vertex 2 planform is flatter and wider than the earlier model, and standard “Bottomless (dynamic) Corners” make for cleaner deployments during wing suit flights and the possible head down deployment.

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