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The Sorcerer is a discontinued 2 canopy BASE container manufactured by Vertigo BASE Outfitters (later Apex BASE). The SORCERER is a piggyback double square system much like a state of the art skydiving rig. The main is deployed with a throw out pilot chute pouch located at the bottom of the container. The reserve container is packed much like a main container, and the reserve can be repacked in the field with no more rigging than two pull-up cords. To completely dial in your reserve, it is necessary to manipulate your reefing system on your reserve to suit the altitude of the particular object; for instance, slider off or mesh slider up.

The uniqueness of the Sorcerer lies in how the reserve is deployed. Extensive testing on this system has been done with excellent results. In a cutaway situation, with a no slider reserve, opening is achieved within the range of .96 of a second to 1.16 of a second. Taking into consideration the forward speed of the main, this is approximately 40 feet, from riser to riser. Using a mesh slider, an opened canopy is overhead between 70 to 80 feet.

After years of extensive research, development and actual use, the SORCERER is the only dual parachute system on the market today.

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