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Prism 2 updated

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Prism 2
Prism 2
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The PRISM 2 is a single canopy BASE jumping harness and container system held closed by a single curved pin.

The original Prism debuted in 1997 as the world’s only single-pin BASE parachute container. It was the result of a long research and development period to create a container that addressed customer concerns about Velcro-closed containers opening inadvertently during terminal-velocity BASE jumps and advanced acrobatics.

Fast forward to 2004 and wingsuit jumping has joined acrobatics and greater customer expectations to make the demands on a BASE container system even greater than before. To meet these added demands, Basic Research has created the Prism 2.

Like the original Prism, the Prism 2 is a single-pin container that comes in a verity of sizes to match Basic Research’s canopy sizes (FLiK and FOX).

The yoke has been refined to be more form-fitted and comfortable around the neck, shoulder and chest area, thereby distributing weight and hugging the body better.

The riser covers, on the Prism 2, have been integrated into the side flaps so they are now a single piece with inboard tuck tabs that now completely cover the risers and all hardware.

The Prism 2 planform is flatter and slightly wider than the original Prism, and comes standard with the new, wingsuit-friendly “Bottomless (dynamic) Corners” that makes for cleaner aft deployment typical with the higher forward speed of wingsuit flights. Slight variations in packing technique will yield an impressive looking container.

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