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Apex DP updated

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Apex DP
Apex DP
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The Apex DP is our 2 pin container.

We have combined the best features of the Warlock and the Vertex 2 to come up with a hybrid of the two. New or refined features include a tucking pin cover flap, more stable riser tuck tabs, shaped bottom corners which incorporate a bridle protector flap, increased comfort over the shoulders, a stash bag pouch on the backpad, a more aerodynamically streamlined shape, and wider leg webbing to increase comfort, and more.

We have taken our combined experience over the last 20 years and come up with what we feel is our most refined rig yet. As far as sizing your DP, we like a bit of a loose fit (easier to pack and more comfortable to wear). This allows you to upsize your canopy without having to change rigs. This sizing is based on a non-vented canopy, so if your canopy has vents, you should indicate this on your order form. Also, if you would prefer a tight fit/firm container, you can request this on your order form and we will build your rig 1 size tighter.

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3 out of 5 stars Apex DP Rated 3 by: BJ393 on 2015-06-10

Althought I measured up wearing a ton of clothes and body armour when i measured up, this rig fits very tight even when I'm naked!

The shoulder straps are very firmly built they will last 1000 years! Very thick and strong, this reduces comfort and doesn't let them move much, restricting access to the risers which i wasn't comfortable with, my two other friends have identical issues, we have to pack most of the canopy into the bottom, putting high pin tension on the bottom pin and none on the top, to make it wearable, I can barley climb ladders properly. Apex didnt want to know about my problems. Container looks awesome, and build quality is fantastic... but it is like wearing a straight jacket so its not fun or safe to jump.

I ended up spending another $1000 on a lightweight Blacksheep talus container, I used the same measurements I gave to Apex and it came out perfect, custom made overnight! I can barley tell im wearing it, it has much less bulk around the shoulders, lighter hardware and more flexible material.

Apex DP

5 out of 5 stars Apex DP Rated 5 by: Trae on 2013-01-03

1st and only rig so far. 110 jumps, mainly WS , and rig still like new. Couldn't be happier with gear . After seeing many inexperienced people jumping canopies and rigs too small for them am very happy to have put my life in the hands of a this strong, well built gear . Multi kudos to the Apex Base crew.


5 out of 5 stars Apex DP Rated 5 by: freeflychris on 2007-11-26

This was my first rig and it is perfect in every way. Fits well and performs even better. Thanks for a great rig. You guys have me as a customer for ever.

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