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Apex DPX updated

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Apex DPX
Apex DPXApex DPXApex DPXApex DPX
Apex DPX
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'Not Just a Rig, it's Home!' Apex BASE is excited to announce the Apex DPX, a harness and container system originally designed by Master Rigger Moe Villetto in the early 1990s. The new version is available now through Apex BASE. This innovative design incorporates a 'trunk' for carrying food, water, tents, camp stoves and sleeping bags, and/or extra clothing, camera equipment, first aid kits and climbing equipment in a manner that allows items to be carried at the same time the rig is being jumped.

The Apex DPX can be jumped either in the expanded (full) or compressed (empty) configuration. In the compressed configuration the rig appears like any normal BASE container. There are two BOC pockets, one is used when the rig is compressed the other is used when the rig is expanded. The BOC spandex pouch is protected by layer of para-pack.

Between the expertise of Moe Villetto and BR's Todd Shoebotham the new version of the Apex DPX has undergone many improvements. For instance the original version was closed using a conventional Velcro shrivel flap while the newer version uses dual pins along the lines of Apex's DP container. The compressible area that is the storage compartment has been re-designed to be simpler, cleaner, and easier to manipulate.

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Great Rig

5 out of 5 stars Apex DPX Rated 5 by: crossfirepilot on 2007-07-13

Apex let me take the new DPX to Norway as one of my turn rigs. Considering that the airlines left my luggage in Denmark and i had the DPX packed with a tent, sleeping bag, and a packing tarp, I could not have been more stoked that this rig existed. Luckily my other rigs and luggage arrived on the next flight that day but it was a comfort to know that it did not really matter either way. The DPX fits and feels like a regular base rig when compressed. It takes some time, about an hour or two to figure out the expandable/collapsable configuration. Apex told me to jump it with a pillow packed in it for the first jump, but I disregarded this due to time constraints and jumped it full of my gear. It was definitely different having the extra weight on my back, but the jump went out off perfectly. Make sure you exit head high if you disregard their recommendation. This will be my next rig.

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