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Performance Designs is venturing into the world of BASE. PD BASE. Since 2000, Performance Designs has been building the Ace and Blackjack BASE canopies for Consolidated Rigging. Building on the legacy and great reputation of Consolidated Rigging’s BASE canopies, PD is excited to introduce the Proxy. Our mission was to build the ideal canopy for wingsuit BASE and Alpine flying. We wanted something that was low volume, low weight and high performing. We went to great lengths to exceed your expectations of what a low volume BASE canopy can be. With over 30% less volume and 20% less weight than standard construction BASE canopies, jumpers who desire the lightest and lowest profile container will love the Proxy. Whether you’re hiking up that mountain or flying that line, you’ll notice the reduced weight and drag. The Proxy is also a great flying canopy, with good on heading performance, a truly excellent glide ratio and powerful flare.

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PD Proxy 260

5 out of 5 stars Proxy Rated 5 by: kozak on 2015-01-17

When I was looking to put together a second low bulk light weight BASE set up specifically for long hikes and wing suit BASE, I waited for the Proxy to be released before buying a new canopy for one main reason- It's made by PD. I've been a PD guy for years, flying everything from Sabres, Stilettos, Spectres, lots of Velocities and now the Peregrine. Why wouldn't I want a BASE canopy made by the manufacturer that I've trusted my whole skydiving career?

The Proxy didn't disappoint- super light weight and low bulk, with consistent on-heading soft openings, great flight characteristics and flare power. It's an all round great performing reliable canopy- exactly what I want in the BASE environment.

I have a non-vented Proxy 260 that I put just under 50 jumps on last season. Most were wing suit jumps with a few terminal tracking jumps. I would highly recommend the Proxy if you're looking for an awesome performing low bulk BASE canopy.


PD BASE - Proxy 260

5 out of 5 stars Proxy Rated 5 by: jayfreefly on 2015-01-08

I have 2 of these canopies with over combined 350 BASE jumps on them over the last 2-3 years. Most of those jumps are wing suit a few are tracking and the rest are slider short delays. I haven't jumped slider down in about 4 years because I have compressed discs in my back and it causes me to much pain to take the sharp crack of a slider down opening. That said my Proxy's have been stellar when it comes to openings. I've only had two over the last 350 that I would say were 'hard' and both were most definitely my fault for pulling while smoking along at max speed in my wing suit, while racing... nuff said. The canopy is definitely designed to be lightweight and lowball and it packs smaller than any other canopy of comparable size. The flight characteristics, well if you know me you know I expect my canopies to do what I ask of them and if they don't I keep working the design with the help of my friends and co workers at PD until it works 'the way is supposed to'. Responsive toggle with a deep control range, good sink and great glide, front and rear riser that function with balance and intent and most importantly a strong flare. Like anybody, I screw up sometimes, last year that included two memorable landings. One I got caught coming in downwind in half brakes to an uphill landing, a real test for the canopy, result... win! No big deal decently soft landing whew! The other, totally my fault again, caught myself having to land in no wind, on pavement, midway through a 2/3 braked out flat turn, virtually no flare left at landing. I'd say that is about as far from ideal as you can expect to get away with at my wing loading. Again the result was "acceptable' it was by far my worst landing in 3 years and all I got was a sting on the bottom of my right foot. A way better result then the busted heel I received years ago on a canopy with less forgiveness. Of course I'm biased, I did spend over 3 years designing and testing this canopy and I sell them too, so you can expect I'm gonna say good things about it. The bad things, well they get said about the versions that never made it out of the test lab and into your hands. Simple enough. I hope you like it, if you want to get your self under a Proxy and have the same sense of security you have while jumping any other PD canopy look me up on Facebook or shoot me an email and I'll get you hooked ;)

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