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Trango updated

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The Trango is a state of the art, light weight, low pack volume canopy designed for Alpine BASE jumping and serious performance flying (tracking and wingsuit). The Trango utilises a revolutionary new fabric that reduces the weight and packing volume of the canopy by 25%! The smaller pack volume improves the aerodynamic shape of the container whilst the lower weight greatly reduces the fatigue from carrying the rig on long hikes.

Like the Troll, the Trango was created using specialised computer software for designing and analysing low speed airfoils and wings. The 3D wing is transfered into 2D top and bottom panels and ribs. Using Advanced Technology AIR foil shaping methods, it is possible to obtain a parachute wing which has desired airfoil shape over the whole wing span not only at the ribs. Although the aspect ratio generally has a much greater effect on parachute performance than airfoil design, the Trango's airfoil section is used to tailor the flight characteristics to suit the intended use. The Trango is constructed from the highest quality materials. Each parachute is hand made to meet finest quality standards. All materials are fully inspected and traceable.

The Trango is for slider up BASE jumps only. The lightweight fabric has a slightly shorter lifespan than regular F111, refer to the user manual for more details.

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Best canopy ever!

5 out of 5 stars Trango Rated 5 by: Ferry on 2009-02-11

Thanks Stane, since I have my trango I don't like hiking with and packing my other canopies!
The trango is by far my favorite canopy for now, I think it is a big achievement making a canopy so much lighter and still perfect suitable for base. It is not so fragile as lot of people think. The long hikes are different now, the flying because of the lower profile rigs can de made because of this canopy. Very nice smooth openings, good heading performance. Also flying and flare I am very happy with. Together with my hybrid l/d the best gear I ever owned.
Yes, no sliderdown but I have other rig for that. And I prefer wingsuit anyways ;-)



4 out of 5 stars Trango Rated 4 by: unclecharlie95 on 2007-05-23

Great canopy, not for everyday jumps but awesome on long hike big wall jumps.

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