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Atair is proud to introduce the OSP Slider Down BASE canopy, its design is *O*ptimized for *S*lider down *P*erformance. The canopy utilizes a revolutionary new leading edge slat technology to keep the air flow over the canopy attached even during very steep deep brake approaches. The OSP also incorporates a new thicker profile to further improve deep brake flying characteristics as well as a shorter line set to promote faster openings and better on-heading performance. The OSP design also has the advantage of reducing the forward speed of the canopy after opening which helps object avoidance in the case of an off heading opening.

A steeper descent on the order of one to one is desirable as for slider down jumps the landing area is generally underneath or close to the object. Thus not only is a low forward speed beneficial, but a low descent rate also. The canopy profile of the OSP has been specially selected to enable steep landing approaches, generating high lift even when the flow is partially separated.

The maximum lift coefficient is further increased through the use of a SLOT formed by a leading - edge auxiliary airfoil called a SLAT. The first 10 % of the leading-edge is made of ZP fabric which covers the leading edge of the canopy and creates the slot. The air flows from inside of the canopy through the slot and over the airfoil. This results in a delay of airflow separation. Use of the SLAT allows the airfoil to be flown at a higher angle of attack before stall will occur and thus achieves a higher maximum lift coefficient . The SLATs are applied to the leading edge of cells #3, #4 and #5, because rectangular wings stall in the middle first. The OSP is intended for slider down and sub-terminal slider up jumps (ideally for 5 to 8sec delay slider up). Jumping the OSP for full terminal jumps is possible but not recommended as the openings may become uncomfortable.

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OSP 285

5 out of 5 stars OSP Rated 5 by: ParaSEXas on 2015-09-23

I've got Troll 285 DW and OSP 285 and load em at 0.74, also had a FLiK 293. done about 120 jumps on Troll and 50 on OSP and 40 or so on FLiK.
at this time i still can't decide which one do i like more, Troll or OSP... Troll opens much nicer and softer, turns quicker on toggles- of 200 footer easy can do 180+ turn with Troll, but only 135ish turn with OSP. OSP sinks in much more on openings, but also glides 20% further (nearly overshot LA on the B i done few times with Troll). i jumped it as low as 140ft and had 4 ish sec canopy time (expected more) and i think deep brakes are too deep for my weight. on same 140ft jump i flew under 10m away from impact point, my mate on troll flew about 15m further. i recon fine tuning needed here. lower brake lines came set (for europe customers?) and was miles too long! had to shorten em by 100-150mm and now it measures 300mm from shallow settings to the toggle loop and is much better control now. OSP opens pretty much in stall which is way different from Troll and got little hairy on 110ft to impact jump where Troll was perfectly fine...ZP nose and stabilizers inside makes little harder to pack, but not end of the world. all in all OSP is very good canopy and if it's gonna be you first base canopy you wont need anything else, that for slider off mainly.
if you like a bit of base "swooping" OSP is much more responsive on fronts, also bit lighter than Troll. of 260ft freefall object i can throw an "easy" 180 on fronts with OSP, but with Troll it gets low and scary at 150 mark and i have to dig it out.

No Better canopy for slider down

5 out of 5 stars OSP Rated 5 by: BJ393 on 2015-06-10

Have around 50 jumps on an OSP loaded at .7
The low speed flight, dead flat turns and flare from half breaks are awesome! sloppy packing still has great heading performance, very predictable flight. Can fly it backwards very easy.

Has less glide then a flik, but with the same delay taken, it will open and start flying earlier, which makes up for it as it has more altitude to cover the distance.
Nothing like an OSP opening to wake you up in the morning! very snappy and consistent!
I have jumped mojos, sevens, blackjacks, trolls, foxes and fliks and i would choose an OSP again for my next canopy.



5 out of 5 stars OSP Rated 5 by: Clark282 on 2011-03-02

Been jumping a Troll MDV for about 100 jumps and that is a great canopy. The OSP I found is equally as good, if not better for slider down, can land on a dime, easy to shut down and still get a flair, still has a very good forward drive. Very predictable. I would def recommend this canopy! 5 Stars another great canopy from Atair, thanks Stane.

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