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The Lobo is Apex's ultralight next generation canopy. The Lobo features a larger aspect ratio (2.06 :1) and a larger camber, increasing available lift and delivering noticeably greater stability in slow flight. The design integrates a technological crossover from paragliding and skydiving: a rolled-over nose, which retains pressure in low-speed situations and creates a smoother airflow over the airfoil. The Lobo’s optimized crossports and upper control line configuration significantly improves control and flare power.

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Lobo Canopy by Apex

5 out of 5 stars Lobo Rated 5 by: werd2dawise on 2016-03-31

I did 357 jumps on my Lobo 220. I chose the smaller size because I personally like to load my BASE canopy a bit heavier than recommended. I don't suggest this for most people because I still believe that it is best to have more fabric above in case something bad happens. The lobo has a very brisk opening which makes it great for low stuff. The slider up opening is perfect. At the 3+ second delay, when jumping slider down, my neck starts to feel it. Other than that, the characteristics are very nice. The control is very good and responsive. There is a great range in the brakes so you can fly slow or a bit more aggressive. The rear risers are very responsive for quick turns after opening. It has very good flare power to set you down soft.

Love the Lobo

5 out of 5 stars Lobo Rated 5 by: Larrythemaster on 2016-03-25

I've been BASE jumping now for 18 years. I've seen BASE canopies evolve from 7cell skydiving canopies to BASE specific canopies. The Lobo, in my opinion, IS the next generation BASE canopy. It is made by a company and people that have practically been around since the beginning of BASE jumping. A company and people that I can trust, which is important to me. They won't put equipment out on the market until it is thoroughly tested.
There are so many aspects of this canopy that I love, including it's openings and most importantly it's landings. It lands great! I'm able to sink it in on tight landing areas and it's really fun swooping it over water or land. It's light weight material makes it awesome for long hikes. It is very responsive and easy to pack. At first I was intimidated by the reverse tail pocket design, but after packing it a few times I found it very easy to pack and useful in preventing line dump. The Lobo is by far the best BASE canopy that I've ever flown and has become my go-to canopy for all occasions.

Love my Lobo

5 out of 5 stars Lobo Rated 5 by: jimmyp on 2016-03-23

I have flown many canopies during my 29 years in the sport and the Lobo is by far the best of all. When I just got the Lobo and my jumping day was over I had to make one extra jump just to fly the canopy. Some of the improvements I noticed were minimized loss of altitude during a riser turn, easy to sink yet it offer great glide, soft landings on half breaks and sick landings after a hook turn. This canopy is very intuitive to fly.

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