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FOX Canopy updated

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FOX Canopy
FOX Canopy
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FOX canopies are designed with certain performance specifications in mind. The canopy is a seven cell ram air parachute utilizing I-beam construction with spanwise reinforcement. A low aspect ratio provides consistent openings and stable flight from deep brakes to full flight. The construction of the FOX is reinforced throughout. Dacron lines absorb much of the opening shock associated with no slider deployments. Note: We no longer make the multiple brake settings a standard feature. We have went to a single brake setting we feel is optimal for the canopy in terms of openings, opening surge and rear riser controllability.

FOX canopies are available in six sizes ranging from 185 to 315 square feet and are manufactured using ripstop that has a permeability of 0-3 cfm commonly referred to as F-111. There is also a zero porosity top surface option. The ZP option makes the top surface and end cell ribs zero porosity, the bottom surface remains 0-3 cfm. All canopies constructed using ZP fabric must have the Multi installed. However, the canopy doesn't have to be made with ZP to use the Multi. Another option is Vent Technology (Vtec). A FOX VTEC has mesh covered vents in its bottom surface. (You can see the Vtec vents in the photo at left above the BR logo on the bottom surface of the canopy).

The recommended suspended weight is a mid-range figure of about a .7 wing loading.

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5 out of 5 stars FOX Canopy Rated 5 by: Spiderbaby on 2011-10-19

The Wife and I both have 100's of jumps on our 4/7 Fox canopies and we love love LOVE them!!! Great openings, great flight characteristics and alway sweet landings. LOVE!

fox canopy

4 out of 5 stars FOX Canopy Rated 4 by: catfish on 2009-09-29

Im jumping a Fox 280 4/7 venting and a zp top skin. I flies solid under deep breaks and backs up very strong. The flare is reasonably strong for a lightly loaded canopy. I have had three 90's off and the rest on heading in 60 plus jumps. The canopy looks and feels like new yet. Only thing I would like to improve is speed up its turning time, but thats standard issue for a rectangular canopy!

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