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The FLiK is available in 6 sizes, 200, 220, 242, 266, 293, and 322 square feet. 'We are offering 2 sizes that are larger than the biggest FOX, ' reports Anne Helliwell. 'BASE has gone the opposite direction to skydiving, that has been growing with smaller, faster parachutes. With BASE, bigger is better. We can now outfit jumpers that are 200lbs and heavier.'

The FLiK has several design differences when compared to the FOX. The FLiK boasts a slightly higher aspect ratio of 2.04 to 1 (1.97 to 1 on the FOX). The FLiK uses the same airfoil shape as the FOX. 'The FOX has been a great canopy for several years, we had no reason to simply ditch the information and performance of that airfoil', says Todd Shoebotham. The FLiK is it's own canopy, with new flight characteristics, including better glide and landings. It performs better than the FOX in every way except the slider off openings which feel the same, reports test jumper Dwain Weston, after numerous jumps on the FLiK 242.

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Can't go wrong, best all-arounder on the market!

5 out of 5 stars FLiK Rated 5 by: JordanKilgore on 2012-10-31

These canopies are awesome! Having flown every canopy from every major manufacturer, I choose the Flik as the ultimate all-around base canopy. While it has been said that you need a different tool for every job, the Flik seems to have found the happy medium....this canopy does it all. From technical deep-braked approaches to excellent glide/flair.... It gives quick solid object avoidance/responsiveness on risers, or on toggles. With the addition of the Flik UL (ultra-lightweight material) this canopy has become the first choice of many athletes who spend time in the big mountains wingsuiting/tracking. The magic in this UL canopy also has a lot to do with it's versatility. It is one of the only UL canopies that can be jumped regularly, not only in the slider up world, but also slider down. This thing will take a slider down beating with the best of 'em. Canopies can be made with ZP topskin on the upper third, any number of vents that you choose, and all ULs now come stock with beefed-up inside AB lines so you get that warm-fuzzy feeling at the exit point. Flik it!

Flik Review

5 out of 5 stars FLiK Rated 5 by: JeffMo on 2011-06-08

I own a Flik 280 (30 percent ZP, 3/7 vents), which I purchased new from Apex in 2010. I have put about 40 jumps on the canopy (all slider down from a mix of 'E's, 'A's, and 'S's), and couldn't be happier with its overall performance (heading, pressurization, glide, flare, etc.). If I were to buy another new canopy today for slider-down jumps, it would be a Flik with ZP and 3 or 4 vents (FYI- I also jump a Blackjack 280 ZP). I was also extremely pleased with Apex' excellent customer service.

base jump

4 out of 5 stars FLiK Rated 4 by: freerunner626 on 2010-01-29

looks good

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