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Apr 11, 2016, 5:17 PM
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Swiss BASE PSAs Can't Post

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Today, i've got a call from the director of operations at AIR GLACIERS after one of two jumpers that exited from STAUBBACH without calling AIR GLACIERS prior to jump, broke his femur and had to be hospitalized.

Other jumpers exited La Mousse without calling AIR GLACIERS for clearing. Lately we notice a increase in the amount of jumps done from exits that lay within the control zone of the AIR GLACIER BASE without calling them and asking for clearance.

1: Please - DO NOT jump any of the STAUBBACH exits. NEVER. They are CLOSED.

2: Please - ALWAYS call AIR GLACIERS with NO EXCEPTIONS on 033 856 05 60 (+4133 856 05 60 from int. phone) before any jumps from the following exits:


On calling, communicate the following:
Number of jumpers
If it's HIGH LA MOUSSE the line of flight right/left.

Be aware: Once the clearance is given, you are expected to jump in the next two minutes.

We wish you a fantastic 2016 with lots of safe jumps and we say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for buying the new landing card, for complying to the few rules and regulations and for being nice and behaving like real sportsmen. This will help to keep the valley a FREE PLACE for our passion.

THANK YOU for sharing

robi caspani - swiss base association local contact;;page=unread#unread

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Here is some information regarding the jump Gitschen. Please read this before jumping there:

@Tom, as usual, can you make this a sticky for a while? Afterwards we can put it in the general Info regarding jumping in Switzerland.;;page=unread#unread

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Dear Jumpers
As now hopefully most of you know, you should buy the landing card. But almost more important than actually buying the landing card is to register on our Website:
There you should note down a contact in case something happens to you. The police knows this and they contact us in case of an accident. Please do this in respect to your relatives, it is much better for them to get "the call" from a trained person rather than seeing on Facebook that the husband, father son etc. went in.;;page=unread#unread

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Tom, can you make this a sticky for some time and then ad it to the Lauterbrunnen guidlines after some time?

The police of Lauterbrunnen (the same ones that will have to identify your smashed up body if you go in in Lauterbrunnen) informed me that repeatedly jumpers have landed on the main road at Stechelberg. Today an accident has only been avoided by luck because an english speaking BASE Tourist has landed on the main road in Front of the Hotel Stechelberg in front of a driving car.
Believe me; it is very annoying to have to write this kind of information. This is common sense and I should not have to tell this to anybody. We are grownups and I’m not a Kindergarden teacher!
This year was a mess, reckless behavior, landings in the middle of Lauterbrunnen, jumping the Staubbach, littering at the exits, landing on the main road and so on.
The SBA tried to establish a good going along between jumpers and Lauterbrunnen during the last couple of years. Now, thanks to this year we fell down from being welcome to being tolerated. The next step would be falling from being tolerated to not being tolerated in Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen can do this very easy by simply not transporting jumpers anymore.
We all know that base jumpers don’t like to follow rules. But by not following this very small numbers of rules and use your common sense, the only ones you are hurting is yourself and the jumpers who would like to visit Lauterbrunnen after you.;;page=unread#unread

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There are not many rules in Lauterbrunnen, but one that everyone should know is: DON'T JUMP THE STAUBBACH!!!
Please guys, stick to that rule. If you jump the Staubbach, you upset the people of Lauterbrunnen and if you upset the people of Lauterbrunnen it will get back to all BASE Jumpers
If you are a super cool flyer that can jump from High Nose and then pull above the camping jungfrau, respect to you, but don't do it. Camping jungfrau are not big fans of the jumpers and if you scare the customers of them, it will upset them and if you upset them it will....
Attach your canopy to your harness and not your skin, if you attach it to your skin it will upset the people of Lauterbrunnen and if....

Thanks for your understanding.;;page=unread#unread

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Dear Jumpers,

although we have a lot of snow currently here in Switzerland, the high wingsuit season is hopefully coming closer every day. Due to the huge popularity of the now well known wingsuit jump called Sputnik which has the world famous line through the crack, we were approached this spring by the local paragliding community and they wanted to discuss their concern for mutual safety as we share the same airspace with them. The paragliders were obviously concerned of the fact that jumpers fly the line through the crack without being able to see if there are paragliders soaring on the thermal lift on the end of the gorge. The end of the gorge (and the forests surrounding it) are places of very good lift on hot summer afternoons and paragliders fly there a lot.

To solve this situation we have agreed with the paraglider community that due to the fact that you cannot see what´s behind the hill if you commit to fly through the gorge, it is now NOT ALLOWED to fly the line through the crack AFTER 1pm CET. So in other words, you can fly through the gorge all you want in the morning as there is no lift and paragliders will not be flying around that area. We found this solution acceptable as :
1) If you start early and you want to fly through the gorge, you can make 2 jumps before 1pm so that gives you plenty of time to get that rad footage to youtube that you so desperately need
2) In afternoon it is normally quite windy so maybe it is not the best idea to go to close proximity anyway

We will also post this information to the information sign on the exit and to the landing area. Please respect this rule and enjoy the other lines on the mountain in the afternoon jumps. With this agreement we are still welcome on the mountain and we have good relationships with our fellow flying friends sharing the airspace with us.

I wish you all a safe wingsuiting season 2013!;;page=unread#unread

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May 1, 2018, 6:32 PM
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Re: [idemallie] Swiss BASE PSAs [In reply to] Can't Post

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No jumping from High/Low Ultimate, Perkele AND Flowerbox
No tracking/flying to the right (waterfall) from Via Ferrata
Check airspace carefully when jumping Dumpster
Only jump into clear airspace
Only land in short grass
Do not land on the paragliding landing field (next to the cable car station)
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