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Sep 26, 2005, 5:53 AM
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     Jumping Site Guidelines, by Location  

I'm creating this thread as a sticky for site specific guidelines. I'm going to try to get Sangiro to move these up into the headers for the forum pages, but until then, I'll leave them in this thread.

If you have a set of guidelines for any specific site that you'd like added to this thread, please PM me, and I'll unlock it for you to add your post to, then lock it again.

If you are planning a visit to any site listed here, please read and abide by the guidelines for the site. These guidelines are generally created by local jumpers, working with local authorities, to promote safety and maintain jumper access to sites. Please respect the hard work that these jumpers have done for the greater BASE community by following the (usually very simple) guidelines outlined.



Sep 26, 2005, 5:57 AM
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     Jumping Site Guidelines: Italian Terminal Wall [In reply to]  

Italian Terminal Wall:
posted by UncleCharlie95, on 12 April 2013, here.

In reply to:
Note to Admins, I've combined the various ITW posts from the 'sticky' thread into an updated single post.

2013 season hasn't really kicked off yet but the helicopter has been called 4 times already. If you are planning to visit this year please read the following.

ITW was opened about 2 decades ago by French jumper Eric Beaud. After some incidents the site was closed but thanks to the work of the local jumpers was reopened with the following "Self regulating" rules in place:


1. Holder of a sport skydiving license, minimum 300 skydives, at least 100 in the last 12 months. If you have less than 15 BASE jumps you are considered a student and should be under the supervision of an acknowledged BASE jump instructor (*).

2. Access to BASE sites of Province of Trento having done at least 50 BASE jumps with the exception of MB where it is enough to have done 15 BASE jumps.

3. Use exclusively equipment and material SPECIFIC for BASE jumping. Do not use sport skydiving equipment, original or modified.

4. Do not jump in case of adverse weather conditions, wind speed greater than 2 m/sec (5 knots)or insufficient visibility.

5. Always do a check-in - check-out procedure with ground crew or with other equivalent reference.

6. Follow strictly times and procedures established for the particular site, also with reference to equipment in use. For jumps from MB they are recommended the following times and procedures for freefall: not less than 7 and not more 8 seconds of vertical freefall in box position, or not less than 7 seconds and not more than 12 seconds for the jumpers capable of doing an EFFECTIVE track (at least to pass over the talus). BASE jumpers equipped with single canopy rigs shall have to do an effective track in order to pass over the talus at the base of the “Vertigine” wall.

7. Do not jump after sunset.

8. Once on the exit, move with extreme caution in order to avoid fall of stones.

9. For possible rescue calls, call 118.

10. In case or helicopter rescue, the canopy, if possible, shall be cut away and discarded or folded and disposed in order not to be affected by turbulence caused by helicopter rotors, avoiding so a dangerous source of danger for both the possible dragging of the injured jumper and the helicopter.

In addition to these rules:

ITW is not for beginners, 7 of the 12 fatalities here involved people with less than 5 BASE jumps total. 2 were 1st jumps..

The 'Ora' wind is regular most days, in the summer jumping after midday is not advised, wind speeds often exceed 25 - 30 knots!

Always have a radio or telephone when you jump.

If the condition of a jumper is unknown then call for help 118.

Once the helicopter is called STOP jumping and leave the exit point as falling rocks could take out the rescue helicopter.

If the condition of the jumper is known and there is no need for the helicopter (e.g. tree landing without injury) then ask the girls in the bar to call the local fire brigade.

Please DO NOT litter!

Please don't land in the trees. Pulling low is a poor way to impress. Too much wind? Better to wait or hike down. Acceptable wind? Then turn into to it to and "crab" to stay upwind.

When driving up and down the mountain always be prepared to meet oncoming traffic and sound your horn prior to the blind corners, open your window slightly to hear the reply. There have been a couple of serious accidents in the past.

By Italian law you can only leave the scene of an accident if:
-the Carabinieri (police) attend and inform you that you may leave.
-the drivers fill in the insurance accident form and BOTH sign it.

Please bear in mind that it is a public road, it is possible to meet tractors, cyclists and wildlife in addition to oncoming traffic.

Leave your car at the parking area just after SG. Do NOT try and drive your car up the forest tracks as this is forbidden.

If you need to go "doody poo poo" near the exit please don't do it on the path and bury it.

The local council hope that BASE will mature and grow - they want us as jumpers to manage ourselves, educating and sharing knowledge to help minimize the accidents - ESPECIALLY accidents caused by low experience and lack of knowledge. They will also support us in this process.

The most important thing we can do though is look out for ourselves and each other. If the wind is too strong better to wait or even hike down. Better try again tomorrow than to risk your life unnecessarily and also the lives of the mountain rescue volunteers and helicopter crew..

No-one expects "zero" accidents but many of the accidents that happen here could be prevented with better preparation and training.

PLEASE Come and enjoy ITW but PLEASE jump it in a responsible way.

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Sep 26, 2005, 6:03 AM
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     Jumping Site Guidelines: Swiss Valley [In reply to]  

Swiss Valley
originally posted by toni on 4 May 2005, here

In reply to:
To all:

- BASE here is Tolerated

If everyone knows how to do it right, behave and act in a self-responsible manner, it will stay that way.

(The meaning of "self-responsibility" (without the need of regulation by police/goverment) makes part of the swiss/europe mentality.)

(Thanks for the Italian Support ;-))

It is tolerated because of the good will of the people there: Local People, Air Glacier, The farmers

For their help and support, you might bring the farmers some good bottles of whiskey you brought from home, special schnaps and wine, sure they appreciate it if you do as well. Air Glacier, they like chocolate, flowers, etc...

This little things does make happy people and help increase the amount of tolerance we are happy to get from this people.

Even it seems unnecessary to mention, I repeat it again:

- Easy freefall:

Even this *might* be true for some exits, this is not the case everywhere!!! Neither underestimate the Spots nor overestimate your skills.

- Waterfall:

Keep jumping to a minimum, this spot is very close to the village. I suggest to, if you stay longer and absolutely want to jump this, do it just once early in the morning. There is no need to regulate (because regulation means responsibility, and noone has any interest to take this.

Use your brain, the people in the village are still traumatised (I spoke to one last week) from the Guys who jumped during a funeral!!!

- Trash / Garbage:

Don't leave anything there!!! It is not nice to see this bottles, red-bull cans, etc anymore. And the Guy who left tons of duct-tape at serveral exits last week should learn to fly with a bowling ball whenever I see him littering exits...

Replaceing old ropes is possible however.

- Exits:

Don't touch the exits. They are opened that way and jumped that way too. Don't cut trees, this is bad attitude!

The Guys who completely rebuilt the upper Nose Exit jst because they couldn't do a correct 2way otherwise already know they did wrong. I hope not to see this anymore.

- Landing:

NOT IN HIGH GRASS. Cutting the grass on a fields where several jumpers walked on in a pain in the a... for a farmer. The pushed down grass gets stock in the cutting machine and every time this happens, the farmer has to get out of their tractors, remove the stock grass by hand before they can continue to cut the grass.

Go check the landings before you walk up. If you don't see any options, don't jump or go to talk to the farmer.

- Call Air Glacier

- Be safe and spread the love

- Most Important: Be nice to the locals

Be nice with them, even if you think it sounds strange but paying loads of beer and coffee in the morning after, sharing girlfriends, packing others parachutes is considered good behaviour and is normal there.


Sep 26, 2005, 6:18 AM
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     Jumping Site Guidelines: Idaho Bridge [In reply to]  

Idaho Bridge

1) Call the Sheriff dispatch before the start of every jumping day (+1 208 735-1911)

The Sheriff has asked that we call the dispatch at the beginning of any day when there are jumpers on the bridge. This is so that the dispatch operator can calm anyone who calls in the emergency number to report a suicide jumper, and explain that BASE is normal and accepted here. If we do not call, the Sheriff has to send a patrol car to investigate whenever jumpers are reported at the bridge.

2) Please do not stand on top of the handrail.

The transportation department, which owns the bridge, has asked that jumpers not stand on top of the handrail because it distracts motorists, and they are concerned that it may cause motor vehicle accidents on the bridge. The bridge is the main entry to town from the interstate, and accidents on the bridge back traffic up all the way through town.

3) Please do not climb the steel.

Jumpers should stay in the normal pedestrian areas of the bridge. Members of the public, including jumpers, should not climb the lower steel. Please stay on the sidewalk--do not jump from the lower steel.

4) When using planks/platforms, remove them when not jumping.

If you place a plank or exit platform, please remove it when your party is not physically present at the bridge (either packing at the visitor center or in the park at the bottom, or jumping, hiking, or riding out). If you leave the bridge for any reason (even to get lunch or to pack at a hotel), please remove launch platforms until you return. Always remove platforms at the end of every jumping day.

5) Respect the local people.

Twin Falls is a small, rural, conservative, American community. Be aware that nudity, excessive profanity, drug use, or excessive drinking will give jumpers a bad reputation here. Beer in public is acceptable, so coolers in the park are no problem. Music, so long as it's not overly explicit, has also never been a problem.

6) BASE jumper discounts

BASE jumper discounts are available at many area businesses. Be sure to check if you can get one for hotel rooms and meals. Outback (at the top of the bridge, behind the visitor center) offers 2 for 1 drink specials for BASE jumpers all day, and IHOP (at the top, on the other side of Blue Lakes) has a 15% discount for jumpers. Patronizing local businesses and letting them know that you are a jumper makes people aware of the business that jumpers bring to town.

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Sep 26, 2005, 4:53 PM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines: Swiss Valley [In reply to]  

Swiss Valley: Temporary Closure

From Swiss BASE Association Web Site on 23 September 05:

In reply to:
Because of work being done at the foot of the Staubbach Waterfall and to the gallery and new tunnel, the area cordoned off with red and with police tape is closed to the public until further notice. This includes access to the B.A.S.E. exit points.
Trespassers will be fined with Fr. 100.--.
We thank you for your understanding.
The local police

Note that this valley is probably the only place that a "temporary closure" by local authorities has ever actually turned out to be temporary, when this same site was closed (then later re-opened) in the past.


Nov 6, 2005, 1:33 PM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines: Swiss Valley [In reply to]  

Posted by Joris on November 6, 2005.

In reply to:
Hi All,

I know that the stuff I`m about to write is nothing new, but has to be said once more.

This morning I was travelling on the train in the Swiss Valley together with a small group of jumpers. When the ticket controller checked our tickets he noticed that some of us were Swiss and that`s when he asked us a moment of our time to express his concern (he obviously didn`t speak english very well and never told the following to other, foreign jumpers).
He said he is a member of the local moutaineering club and that lately they start to see more and more littering in the Valley on the trail inspections. Not only on the tracks and the exit points, but even on the bottom of the cliffs! They know exactly where we jump and that this litter can not be linked to regular tourists!

Last week we had awesome weather and it was therefor very busy in the Valley. This is great ofcourse and it looks like most of us are taking the small self-regulatory rules into consideration. Things like not jumping the certain cliff at the moment, calling the Air Glaciers Heli rescue guys etc. But it doesn`t stop there. We are very clearly NOT doing very well in non-littering `rule`. The regular tourists are doing way better then us guys! Something NOT to be proud of.

Two days ago, just after the majority of the jumpers had left again, two of my mates and fellow jumpers came over to the Valley and I showed them the place behind the Horner Pub (this is the place where most jumpers pack and hang out!). It was litterally TRASHED. Shit all over the place. It was a f**king discrace. My mates then got a garbage bag (Available FOR FREE at the Pub!) and started taking matters in own hand. Eventhough that`s great and shows their initiative, they shouldn`t have to clean up after other guys.

I`m personally very fortunate to have this beautiful place as my local spot and I know that everybody who visits and jumps the place loves it. We all know that the situation is fragile here. The locals accepted us, but that doesn`t mean they would mind if the jumping here stops. Many of your fellow jumpers have put a lot of work and effort in it to have it and keep it this way. We should be greatful for that and realize this more. It means that we all have to give a little contribution to this `cause`. Taking down your empty bottle or cigarette butt, or even pick up one that has been left behind. It`s no effort really and can make a huge difference for the future of jumping in this place. The fact that a ticket controller asks us to spread this concern throughout our community says enough.



Feb 7, 2006, 1:58 PM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines, by Location [In reply to]  

Moab, Utah, USA:

In reply to:

1) Prepare before visiting

Be sure to practice object avoidance, and have a plan for avoiding object strike when (not if) you have your first 180.

2) Do not underestimate the difficulty of these jumps

Because of the popularity of the area, many jumpers assume that it is suitable for beginners. This is not the case. Most cliffs in Moab are vertical (not overhung) and slider down (below 400' in altitude). This means that avoiding object strike after an off heading opening requires skill, currency, and experience.

3) Respect the environment

Remember that this is a public wilderness area shared by many groups. Follow good wilderness ethics and minimize our impact and visibility in the area. The hard, dark spots in the ground around Moab are called "Cryptobiotic Soil." These pockets of life are the basis for all the higher life in this desert environment. They are fragile, and off-trail hiking easily destroys them. When hiking or walking in Moab, keep an eye on the ground, pack your trash out, and keep your feet off the crypto.

4) Contact the Locals

There are several local BASE jumpers in Moab, including the staff of Skydive Moab (435 259-JUMP). The locals know the area, and they also know the risks. Be sure to follow their lead when approaching new jumps in this area.

5) Carry a cell phone

In case of accident, it's important to be able to call help quickly. Carry a cell phone with you when jumping, and check that you get reception in the area. If you don't have service at a jump, know where the nearest place you have service is, and how long it will take you to get there in the event of an accident.

6) Be prepared with appropriate equipment and training

Be aware that much of the Moab area is remote wilderness, and that many jumps are in these areas. Carry extra water, first aid supplies, and rescue equipment when visiting remote sites. Training in rescue and first aid is definitely recommended, and jumping specific rescue and first aid training is available from Apex BASE.

7) Avoid landing on paved roads.

Local authorities have issued tickets ($275) to jumpers landing on both paved and unpaved roads as well as pull outs (citing them for disrupting traffic) and have requested that jumpers not land on any paved road. Most of the time pull-outs and dirt roads are ok but technically it is all illegal and subject to fines. If you are uncertain which jumps this applies to, please ask local jumpers who can help you avoid this problem.

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Mar 26, 2006, 3:32 PM
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     Additional Swiss Valley info [In reply to]  

Originally posted March 25, 2006, by BASE 1007.

In reply to:
The Waterfall is still CLOSED!
The following Quote is from the Police:

In reply to:

Because of work being done at the foot of the Staubbach Waterfall and to the gallery and new tunnel, the area cordoned off with red and white police tape is closed to the public until further notice. This includes access to the B.A.S.E. exit points. Trespassers will be fined with Fr. 100.--. We thank you for your understanding.
The local police of Lauterbrunnen

This is not good news... However we have have an even more serious issue regarding the waterfall spots that was expressed to us by the local community of Lauterbrunnen in an e-mail we received from them.

In reply to:
Wir danken Ihnen, dass sie respektieren, dass die Spots in der Nähe des Staubbachfalls in Zukunft nicht mehr benützt werden können. Der Staubbachfall und seine Umgebung sind das Wahrzeichen von Lauterbrunnen. Deshalb legt die Bevölkerung grossen Wert darauf, diese Örtlichkeit von tragischen Ereignissen im Zusammenhang mit B.A.S.E.-Jumps freizuhalten.

Here is the translation:

In reply to:
We thank for respecting the fact that the exit points close to the Staubbach-Waterfall can not be used in the future anymore. The Staubbach-Waterfall and its surroundings is/are the Landmark of Lauterbrunnen. Therefore it is crucial for the residents of Lauterbrunnen to keep this place free from tragic events in connection with B.A.S.E.-Jumps.

Please respect this ban!

Compared to fines in the US, 100.- Swiss Francs is nothing. (~80$)
But the risk is much higher than just a little fine! If you jump the waterfall, you are endangering the whole valley and its future access to it for the Base community.

Please be patient, we are working on this issue. We are currently dealing with the authorities and maybe we will be given permission to jump the waterfall again in a year. Or maybe never.
Maybe with some kind of regulations...

But notheless, at the moment, the waterfall is CLOSED and remains closed until you read something different on


Jul 28, 2006, 10:21 AM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Mid Norway [In reply to]  

Originally posted by subterminal on July 28, 2006.

In reply to:
Hi all,

I just returned from a great trip to one of the three valleys in mid Norway. The one with the TW. An awesome amount of jumpers have found their way there this year and it's super cool to see that so many foreigners are enjoying some of the tallest cliffs in our country.

Most locals in the TW area are very pro base, but there have been a few occations where jumpers have been a bit too keen to get to the exit point and driven their cars quite fast on private roads.

Please note that the road to Gridset is private, and the farmer who owns it is really cool letting us use it. People burning past his barn, whirling up dust, is not doing us any favours. This is one of the most accessible jumps in Romsdal and frequently used so please show due respect when entering his land. (I also believe the actual cliff is on his property).

A local jumper was approached by the farmer and he (the jumpers) asked to have the information posted so we collectively can keep the valley a happy place to visit for many, many years to come!


CJ =)


Jul 7, 2007, 7:17 AM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines, by Location [In reply to]  

Posted by 434, Jul 7, 2007, 7:11 AM:

In reply to:
I want to let you know where you will not have any heli rescue in Romsdalen. Many places where it is loose rocks, it will take long time for an rescue operation compare to Kjerag.

NEW for this season is the police have decided no fly zone in one part of the Troll Wall, and there will be NO heli rescue at all!Bear this in mind if you decide to jump Troll Wall, it is not only Illigal to jump anymore, but also no HELI RESCUE. And the police will also decide if any rescue personell can operate in there at all!

Photo Here.


Aug 4, 2007, 7:22 AM
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     Swiss L'brunnen Air Glaciers Helicopter Service Reminder [In reply to]  

Posted by Koos, August 4, 2007.

Koos wrote:
Swiss L'brunnen Air Glaciers Helicopter Service Reminder

The last months there have been close calls on basejumpers and flying helicopters. One of them was the 1st of Augustus 2007 with an Eiger Jump and a group of approx. 10 jumpers (Mushroom) according to the pilot (who has rescued lots of basejumpers and is really liking our sport). There was no phone call. On behalf of him and the Air Glaciers Helicopter Crew I was asked to post this message.

Call Air Glaciers Helicopter Service before your jump. ++41 3 8560560! Please do this each jump...every jump. Make it a part of your jumping procedure just like opening your parachute.

Also if you jump from the Mushroom, Gimmelwald (back in the valley)... and Isenfluh (at the beginning of the valley). Then helicopters will be notified by radio and will make way for us.

Also I had to say on behalf of the crew overhere.. Happy Jumps and thanks for the cooperation!

Kind regards,
Koos van Empel
Lauterbrunnen, Swiss.

Feb 19, 2008, 6:50 PM
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     Additional Swiss Valley info [In reply to]  

Originally posted February 3, 2008, by BASE_1007.

BASE_1007 wrote:
Hello everybody.

Do to the negative press regarding BASE Jumping in Lauterbrunnen and also the rising discontentedness of the Lauterbrunnen Farmers that own the landing fields in Lauterbrunnen, we "refunded" the SBA in order to have an organ for the communication between the affected parties in Lauterbrunnen (Lauterbrunnen Tourism and Landowners) and the BASE Jumpers.

We already had a meeting with the land owners and Lauterbrunnen Tourism some time ago.

The meeting was very positive. It seems like nobody is having a problem with the jumping in Lauterbrunnen, in contrary, the people think it brings tourism to Lauterbrunnen. The only people that feel a negative impact are the land owners. There land is damaged and they don't get any compensation for this.

We introduced a solution to them and they are happy with it.

We will sell a Landing Card valid for one Year (December previous year until January following year) to every jumper who wants to jump in Lauterbrunnen. The price of this card is CHF 20.—for one year.

The Swiss BASE Association landing card entitles you to use the designated landing areas in the valley, these will be marked with a wind sock.

The landing card costs 20 Swiss francs, is valid for one year and covers the main landing areas for Yellow Ocean, La Mousse and The Nose.

It can be purchased in the Horner Pub or the Tourist Information.

BASE Lauterbrunnen Registration

To purchase the card you have to fill the form provided on The old SBA website will be redirected soon.

Only with the fields marked * are required.
However, the SBA would like to gather some statistical data about jumping in the valley,
so we ask each Jumper to take the time to fill in the form completely and truthfully.

Thank you.

The data will be kept confidential and details of experience and equipment will only be used anonymously.
The rescue services only have access to relevant data.

To make it easier for everybody please fill the form at home before you visit Lauterbrunnen. Let the Horner team or the Tourist Information know when you arrive and the card will be ready for you.
Otherwise you may have to wait a day to get it. (no problem jumping in the possible waiting time, no BASE police around....Wink )

Please everybody, get this card. Its cheap, and the solution for many problems.

Thank you


Swiss BASE Association


May 6, 2008, 8:55 AM
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     Re: [wwarped] Additional Swiss Valley info [In reply to]  

Originally posted May 5, 2008, by BASE_1007.

BASE_1007 wrote:
From Air Glaciers:

<<Basejumpers are no longer insured with the rescue card of the Air Glaciers SA for rescue flights and rescues by SAC mountain guides.
Therefore, we will no longer sell rescue cards for this purpose.>>

Please see this PDF File.

If you have questions or comments about this decision please contact Air Glaciers directly:

So please become a REGA Patron.

Same Price: 30 CHF / 20 EUR , but BASE-Jumping is still covered.

REGA - Spokesman Gery Baumann: «Wir kennen kein Kleingedrucktes»

Even if Air Glaciers does the rescue, you are still covered with a REGA patronage.

It's easy:

REGA Website

Payments from abroad

Credit card payment

The closest REGA - heliport from Lauterbrunnen is Gsteigwiler.
It's halfway from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen.

Heliport Gsteigwiler map

I'm sure it's possible to get the REGA patronage there.

So what's different now?
Except you get the card from another company, nothing.

If you need a heli rescue, call one of the following numbers:

1414 (swiss phones) or +41 333 333 333 (all phones) for REGA.

+41 338 560 560 for Air Glaciers.

It does not matter what company does the rescue, the Rega patronage covers you for both.

Please remember, you still have to call Air Glaciers before every jump in the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Thanks for your understanding

The Swiss BASE Association

May 27, 2008, 4:03 AM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines: Idaho Bridge [In reply to]  

Originally posted by tdog on May 27, 2008.

tdog wrote:
A TF police officer, who knew of this website, told me the following:

"Please post on (this site) that anyone doing night jumps call dispatch... If they don't have the non-emergency number handy, call 911, we won't be upset."

The context:

Our group showed up last Saturday -> Sunday morning at 2 AM for some night jumps and we found 5 police cars at the exit point, one ambulance, and another three in the visitor's center parking lot.

Another police officer pulled over our friends in the parking lot across the street before they even got to the exit point.

They had an empty car in the visitor's center parking lot that they could not track down the owner, and they had a wuffo call in "someone jumped from the bridge without a backpack."

They were using infrared cameras to search the landing area.

They had already dispatched a rescue boat and team to look at the landing area.

We contacted a friend who was camping in the river valley (who's jump did not corrispond to the report called in) who was able to help by confirming that there were no sounds of activity, and we identified the owner of the car as a friend/base jumper who was alive and able to contact the police...

So... The rescue was called off and everyone went home.

The police thanked us for helping.

While the police officer did NOT ask the following, based upon the fact the entire rescue operation was started because they could not identify the owner of the car in the visitor's center parking lot, it would make sense that you put a note on your dashboard with your contact info and time of intended jump (or no jump) if you leave a car in the lot - so the police can find you when a wuffo calls in a jump...

P.S. I am not formally speaking on behalf of the object or anyone in TF, other than what the police officer asked me to post. Don't shoot the messenger, please.

Mar 11, 2009, 3:47 AM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Additional Swiss Valley info [In reply to]  

Originally posted March 11, 2009, by BASE_1007.

BASE_1007 wrote:

BASE Mürren / Stechelberg

Due to some dangerous situations in the limited airspace in Mürren / Stechelberg we had to find a solution acceptable to both, paragliders and BASE – jumpers. Jumping can continue under following agreement:

- No BASE jumping before 4.00 PM / 16.00 H

Most of the tandem and student activity is over before 4 pm, but there will be still paragliders around. Jump with open eyes! Jumping will be concentrated, so make sure to communicate with groundcrew / other exitpoints. Specially if you plan to fly along the wall.

- Do not use the paraglider landing area

They don’t want us there because we may scare pilots in the final approach. There is no specific landing area at the moment, we will inform later when we found a good solution. Until then find some short grass not to close to the paraglider landing area.

- Do not fly across / open above the paraglider landing area

- Never be close to a paraglider in freefall

Please respect this agreement, otherwise we could lose these exitpoints.

These are advanced jumps and not suitable for everyone. Be prepared.

Nose ,Yello and La Mousse are not affected by this.

Thank You

Swiss BASE Association

May 25, 2009, 8:16 AM
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     Re: [wwarped] Additional Swiss Valley info [In reply to]  

originally posted 25 May 2009 here

BASE_1007 wrote:
We found a solution for the landing area.
Both landing areas are marked with a wind sock.
Be careful with the power lines, they are hard to see from above.
Air Glaiciers operates sometimes from the left landing area, so call them before you jump like you do on the other jumps in the valley.

Landing Areas Stechelberg
Red Line: No Landing Please Black Line: Danger! Power Lines! Yellow Line: BASE Landing Area



Jul 17, 2009, 12:03 PM
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     Reminder - Lauterbrunnen [In reply to]  

Originally posted by Mikki_ZH:

In reply to:
Dear jumping Friends,

The jumping high season in Lauterbrunnen has begun.
Please do not forget to by the landing card at the Horner or the tourist office:
The situation in Lauterbrunnen is not the best, to many accidents and dead people during the last 12 month. The media is watching very closly and also the BAZL (Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation) is now monitoring Lauterbrunnen (also do to the pressure which came from the media) and are discussing about a general ban of BASE jumping in Switzerland. This would mean the end of jumping in Lauterbrunnen as it would be very easy for them to control the valley do to the fact that it is a valley with only one way out...
With the BASE Landing card we where at least able to pay the farmers an nice amount of money. They are on our side. With the money from the BASE landing card it will stay this way. We need every help we can get. So please don't be cheap and invest the CHF 20.-- (around USD 18.50 and EUR 13.--)
And also don't forget to buy the REGA Rescue card at, you can do this online.
Jump hard, pull high enough, don't underestimate the valley and you will have a nice summer with good jumps in Switzerland!
Michi (SBA)

Sep 28, 2009, 4:20 AM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Reminder - Lauterbrunnen [In reply to]  

Originally posted by Mikki_ZH:

Mikki_ZH wrote:
We realized that some jumpers have not been aware that we have a landing card and missed to pay the CHF 20.--

The information regarding the landing card can be found here:

For those jumpers who missed to pay for the card when they where in Lauterbrunnen I opened a paypal account:

As most of you already know, the big part of this money (last year about 3/4th) is used to pay the local farmers who own the landing areas and about 1/4th is used for infrastructure, such as windsocks and so on.

Thanks for your support,

Michi SBA


Oct 6, 2009, 4:36 AM
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     Important notice: Landingcard, Kandersteg and other jumps in Switzerland outside the valley [In reply to]  

Posted by Mikki_ZH, August 14, 2009.

Mikki_ZH wrote:
Kandersteg and other jumps outside the valley

We had another big accident at Kandersteg with a helicopter rescue 2 weeks ago.

The local authorities have “asked” us not to jump there anymore. This is the Swiss way to let us know that under no circumstances jumping should take place there if we do not want any legal consequences. As the BASE situation in Switzerland is not at its best, we have to avoid any unnecessary attention.

Please do not jump there anymore for at least this year. There are more than enough beautiful jumps in the valley. We will check the situation again beginning of next season to see if we can jump there again.

Regarding all the other Swiss jumps outside the valley (except of course the Mushroom), please also only jump these jumps with a local. Do not go there on your own, even if you know the exit. Many of the jumps are kind of half legal and the locals know if the jumps are hot or not. Also this will help us to keep unnecessary attention away.

About the SBA Landing card:
I would assume that only around 20% buy the landing card. I cannot understand this!!! It only costs CHF 20.--! That’s USD 18.-- and EUR 13.--

Are so many of you guys too cheap to pay this tiny amount?? That’s about 4 beers in the Horner. It really helps us with the farmers which are the main objectors of BASE jumping in the valley. And the farmers are the ones who can stop jumping in LB.
If you cannot afford the CHF 20.--please send me an email on, I will try to see if I can ask other jumpers to chip in for you.
Or maybe it is too complicated to register on
But honestly, I am not the brightest light on earth and even for me it is not a problem going online and filling out the form. You can do this before coming to LB and then pay the CHF 20.-- to the girls at the Horner or at the tourism bureau.
The SBA is really putting a lot of work into trying to keep BASE jumping in LB allowed and as save as possible. Please help us by contributing the CHF 20.-- THANK YOU

Michi, SBA

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Apr 19, 2010, 7:30 PM
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     Re: [TomAiello] Jumping Site Guidelines: Italian Terminal Wall [In reply to]  

Italian Terminal Wall:
originally posted by UncleCharlie95, on 19 April 2010, here.

unclecharlie95 wrote:

As the season gets in full swing I would like to pass on some information from the locals, police and residents to any jumpers planning on visiting the ITW.

The road up to the hike point.
Recently there was a car accident between a resident and jumper on the road up to the hike point. Due to a failure in communication the jumper drove away from the scene prematurely.

By Italian law you can only leave the scene of an accident if:
-the Carabinieri (police) attend and inform you that you may leave.
-the drivers fill in the insurance accident form and BOTH sign it.

Also last year a car was destroyed during a rapid decent down the road.

Please bear in mind that it is a public road, it is possible to meet tractors, cyclists and wildlife in addition to oncoming traffic.

If you insist on driving in a spritely fashion it is wise to open your window slightly and sound your horn before the bends, if you hear an echo it is best to brake.

The local climbers complained at the amount of trash under the exit point and recently there is more on the mountain too.

Please take your trash down with you.

Props to local jumper Stefano who picked up 3 bags of trash from under the exit.

Your doodoo poopoo.

There is nothing like some vigorous exercise combined with the thought of a life endangering experience to loosen the bowels. Granted you can't take it with you but please:
- Don't do it on the path.
- Maybe make some effort to bury it.

ITW and the local area welcomes jumpers from around the world with open arms and the amount of jumpers grows each year (Easter weekend was as big as the Heli boogie!) - let us keep it that way.

Thank you,

ps. if anyone has a climbing rope they would like to donate for the exit / saddle please leave it at the bar

pps. try not to land in the trees Wink

ppps. please can a mod add this to the site guidelines


Sep 29, 2011, 11:57 AM
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     Italian Terminal Wall Update [In reply to]  

Originally posted by UncleCharlie95 on 20 July 2011.

In reply to:
Following the 2 fatalities at ITW this year there has been some fall out with the local residents, media and politicians.

Similar to Lauterbrunnen this threatens the status of legal jumping here. More often than not the dust settles and things carry on as before..

In this case though the issue has been escalated with one politician pushing to ban jumping, with others pushing to keep it legal.

To help limit the damage and to ensure that our voice is heard the BASE locals have entered in to the game writing articles in the local press and also holding presentations to explain BASE to the public, fire brigade and mountain rescue.

For a brief period around the year 2000 jumping ITW was in fact illegal following a series of accidents. To make jumping illegal (punishable by fine) is actually straight forward, the mayor writes the law and it is enforced the day after.

Luckily public opinion is on our side (for the moment), they respect personal freedom and our choice to realise a dream jumping from ITW.

That said it makes for a stark reality to meet the mountain rescue team face to face and they ask why we sometimes jump in very strong winds and then they must risk their lives flying a helicopter close to a dangerous turbulent wall to rescue us.

Overall BASE has been compared to climbing here in this valley 30 years ago - it was seen as crazy, stupid and reckless. BUT this year Arco is holding the world climbing championship!

So the local council hope the same for BASE, that it will mature and grow - they want us as jumpers to manage ourselves, educating and sharing knowledge to help minimize the accidents - ESPECIALLY accidents caused by low experience and lack of knowledge. They will also support us in this process.

ITW is not for beginners, 6 of the 10 fatalities here involved people with less than 5 BASE jumps. 2 were 1st jumps..

There are a number of proposals being suggested to improve safety, which i will post shortly.

The most important thing we can do though is look out for ourselves and each other. If the wind is too strong better to wait or even hike down. Better that than to risk your life unnecessarily and also that of the mountain rescue volunteers..

No-one expects "zero" accidents but many of the accidents that happen here could be prevented with better preparation and training.

Kjerag, Lauterbrunnen and ITW have become the main focal points of European BASE. If WE don't look after them ourselves then WE will lose them.


Sep 29, 2011, 11:59 AM
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     Reminder about jumping in Lauterbrunnen [In reply to]  

Originally posted by Maretus on 17 May 2010.

In reply to:
Hi All,

as the high season in LB is about to begin, just couple of reminders of the facts people should keep in mind :

- Last weekend as we went to the gear up on the high nose we saw empty plastic bottle and other trash lying around. We collected the trash and brought it down. A jumper in our group also told about jumping last weekend about 1kg of trash down from a cliff in Austria. If your mom is always cleaning up and collecting your trash at your home you need to bring your mom to the exit point as well to do the job. DO NOT LITTER! It is under no circumstances acceptable to throw empty bottles or other trash to the mountain, what you bring up you take down. There is even a trashcan next to the landing area so you don't even need to carry your trash back to LB if that's too much for you.

- Pay the landing card, it is a small amount of money and helps to keep the valley legal

- Be respectful for the farmers

- Call Air Glaciers before every jump

- Respect the jumps and be honest about your skill level and ability to perform jumps that are generally regarded as advanced tracking jumps.

- Exit stable, fly hard and pull high (enough). Play safe and have fun!

Mar 9, 2012, 12:04 PM
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     Re: [wwarped] Jumping Site Guidelines: Italian Terminal Wall [In reply to]  

Zakynthos Greece
originally posted by Spiderbaby, on 02 March 2012, here

BASE jumping onto Navagio(Shipwreck)Beach. Events and info.


This will have as much accurate information about how to get from Athens, Greece to this exit point on Zakynthos Island as I can provide. Details will include car-rentals, drive times, dining, accomodations, nightlife and very importantly, boat rides.

My Wife and I 1st saw the pictures of this BASE jump from the Pro Base event held there and immediately fell in love and bought tickets to Athens. We then found out that there is virtually no active information about what is actually a very remote and rural island trip. There is almost no internet(or so slow you'll freak)on Zakynthos. There are no hotels where you can book a room and there are no boat captains to talk to about getting back from the beach after you land there. There is no way to have a shuttle driver ready to drive your car back from the exit point once the boat drops you off at wherever they take you. This all has to be negotiated when you finally get to the NW part of the island. Expect nobody to speak any other language than Greek. This is not Athens on the mainland, this is Zakynthos. Communication is very difficult because the only business they know is mainly boat tours and that's it. Trying to explain that you will parachute from a cliff and land on Navagio Beach, you need a boat ride back, someone needs to drive your car back to you, you need a place to sleep and where is good to eat are all totally foreign ideas to the locals and VERY big obstacles to take care of before you ever make 1 jump.
If you don't speak any Greek, expect to get fully over-charged for almost everything. The locals are not being dishonest, you are just a tourist with very odd requests and they are trying to make money in a shitty economy. That being said, the locals are all very very friendly unless they are driving and you are in front of them.
You can fly directly onto Zakynthos Island. This was over $3,000.00 USD from the US. We flew into Athens for under $1,000.00 USD. Your choice. There is a Budget Rent a Car at both airports and we got a good deal on a Fiat Panda that we drove the hell out of for our trip. Budget gets our vote.
If you fly directly onto Zakynthos Island, this trip is much easier. If you fly into Athens, rent a car and drive West towards the the port town of Kyllini. Buy a fancy map of Greece and you can figure this out. There are 3 toll booths as you are leaving the Athens area and you'll pay about 3 euros each time. Stay on this road which steadily gets worse and wilder for about 4-4.5 hours and look CLOSELY for the sign that says Kyllini. Turn right here and drive for 10 miles towards the giant ferry boats and good luck negotiating the wierd roads.
The ferry boats are HUGE and obvious. Look on the left as you approach the boats and there's a tiny building that says Ionian Ferries(tickets to Zakynthos). For 2 people and 1 small car it was 52 euros one way to the island. The ferry is about 1.5 hours to Zakynthos and there are is a full bar and cafe upstairs with very fancy lounges and lots of places to relax.
As you leave the ferry and drive into the town of Zante, you will see signs that point all over the place. Look for the sign that says 'Alykes' and drive that way. The drive through this small town is VERY beautiful and very sketchy, Fast drivers and tiny roads mixed with fantastic Sea views is risky/awesome. You will pass through the town of Alykes and start looking for signs that point towards 'St. Nicholas Port'. This is a very pretty, very tiny village with cheap rooms, a coffee shop/bakery, tiny market, tiny gas station, several places to eat and many boats in a beautiful harbor. This would be a great place to start. Get a room, find a boat Captain that runs trips to the "Shipwreck Beach" and ask if he has any friends that will drive with you to the exit point and then drive your car back to the town. Negotiate the price for all of this upfront.
5 miles from here is the Skinari Lighthouse, home of the Potamitis Brothers and the small resort where we personally did most of our business. They have two excellent Tavernas(restaraunts), small rooms for rent(slightly expensive) and the best boat tours to and from the beach all right there. The Potamitis Brothers already know what BASE jumping is and what your wierd requirements are. Only the main caretaker Yianni Potamiti speaks much English though, so be ready.
From either St. Nicholas Port or Skinari Lighthouse, the exit point is about a 15-20 minute drive. From the Navagio Beach Overlook, park your car and walk 300 meters down and to the left, you should find the one of the most exotic exit points you will ever see rather easily.
All this being said, you could just wait for the Pro BASE event to happen, join up with that and most of everything is taken care of for a fraction of the cost. My information is for the people who just want to go, can't join the Pro BASE event or whatever.
Even with this info, expect a full on adventure with many possible perils both financially and bodily. For us it was worth every minute and every penny.
Please feel free to ask any other questions. Fancy maps and Google Earth will get you almost impossibly lost, maybe. Good Luck!! Viva la Zakynthos!!!


edited to add:
the speculation is no real locals exist to publish this information. the location just seems so remote, and the island lightly populated.

if somehow we are wrong, simply PM me to correct. -- wwarped

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