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Apex DP in good condition with brand new risers and bridle made for 260 canopies
Apex DP in good condition with brand new apex risers ($105) and brand new apex 9' bridle ($26). Container has three rings connection, stash bag pouch, and saddle bags. will fit someone around ...
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Like brand new Razor
Brand new (has only 2 jumps) Razor for sale. DOM july 2016. Fits PIA 260 light or 280 Ultralight. Used to have a 248 outlaw lite that fitted like a champ. Comes with toggles, bridle and a stash ...
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PPro + Seven 260 with only 6 jumps
Pristine Asylum Designs PPro + Seven 260 canopy. DOM 9/2010. Only 6 jumps, all at Perrine and Bridge day, all clean landings. Navy/Yellow. Articulated harness. 5'7", 35" waist, 165#. First/only ...
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PPro + Blackjack 240 for smaller jumper ~150 jumps
Great condition Asylum Designs PPro with BJ 240. About 150 jumps. In excellent condition. Second owner. Red/Grey. DOM 4/2003. Articulated SS. Would fit ~5'2" to 5'7".
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Squirrel kN & Flik 293 3/7 HTS
Selling my current setup to make room for a new one. White & blue kN with the rigid back protector, built for someone 6'1" 185lbs. Definite room on either side of that size. Don't remember the ...
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OSP 205. Will settle for a 225
I'd prefer a 205 but I'll take a 225 OSP. Email me with details, photos, and your price.