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Intrudair Orca
Incl. WTP. (What in my opinion for sure is needed on this suit in case wanting to base jump it) Please be advised this is a very experienced wingsuit pilot suit. Fits +- 1.82m regular ...
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Intrudair Wahoo
New price was about 700 excl shipping. Fits +- 1.82m regular build. 18 skydives and 2 Base jups on it from +- 300m. In mint condition. Hiking stick pockets in the legs. Base shoulders. No ...
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StrongLite + Outlaw UL 248 - 70 jumps
Than this!!! StrongLite with Outlaw UL 248. 70 jumps (10 SU), no tears or H20 landings. The container is black, canopy gray w/black center cell/stabs. (low light canopy for bandit jumps) ...
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I sell
flik 254 with a central valve 130 jumps. send photos to those interested
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Troll 225 Ultralight
Troll 225 ultralight, DOM Feb 2017, 120 jumps on canopy, full vented, black lines, no water landing, Shipping included within Europe. More picture upon request.
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manufacture 2016 / size XL/L for canopy 245F111 or 265 light / only 10 jumps