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Consolidated Rigging Perrige Pro container, Black Jack 240 main - Never jumped, "new" , DOM 11/02 updated

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Posted on 2020-08-07 by: Thomas Godshalk
Price: 1900 USD

Location: Carbindale, Illinois, 62902, United States
Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping

Brand New Older Base Jumping Rig made for 5' 8" 145lb - Consolidated Rigging Perrige Pro container, Black Jack 240 Main - 2 pilot chutes (one is marked 38 and the other 46), 2 sliders - never assembled, never jumped. To explain: I took up skydiving in the early 90s. Made around 150 jumps and around the year 2000 decided that I wanted to try BASE. Set my sights on Bridge Day 2002. I got a skydiving rig with a big 7 cell main and mostly jumped it at my drop zone to get used to the handling of, and practice landing, a 7 cell vs 9. Got a BASE rig from Consolidated Rigging and took a short course in Twin Falls, Idaho and jumped the Perrine bridge twice (weather intervened). That fall I did Bridge Day and had a blast. When I got back I talked myself into buying another rig so I would have 2 - don't remember my reasoning - but soon after that life took me in another direction. I told myself for a long time that I would get back into it but didn't jump BASE again and didn't sell either rig. Recently I sold the first rig on Ebay - the buyer was very happy with the condition of that rig (my Ebay is 83sawmill - please check pictures there because I can't get one to upload here)) - this is the second - never jumped - never put together - never even unboxed all the way - rig.(This might go without saying but I'm new here so - It's on Ebay as well and also a Facebook page.) It's stained with my embroidered initials but beyond that it's brand new. However, it's older. DOM was 11/02 Happy to answer any questions or take additional photos. I will absolutely issue a full refund if a certified rigger decides that it's unsafe. To me it feels and looks like a brand new rig. - Asking buyer to pay shipping. I'd prefer to ship inside the US as I have no experience doing otherwise combined with the changing destinations available due to Covid restrictions. However, I'm willing to try. Box it came it said 17lbs and I'm thinking it would ship in a 16x16x16 box. - thanks for looking

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ID: 10609 | Expires on: 2020-09-06

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