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Classifieds: Complete Systems: BEST OFFER - Fox 265 with 2 pin Exciter Container

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BEST OFFER - Fox 265 with 2 pin Exciter Container updated

Posted on 2019-03-22 by: Joe Nesbitt
BEST OFFER - Fox 265 with 2 pin Exciter Container
Price: USD (OBO)

Location: , California, 90292, United States

For Sale - Fox 265 with 2 pin Exciter Container - World Famous Rig - 2 Time Mustache Boogie Champion - Featured in The Great Book Of BASE Want a 2nd rig? Want a piece of history? Want a cheap turn rig? Then this might be for you. Featured in The Great Book of BASE this rig has been all over the world and has won not just 1 but TWO Mustache Boogies. Container: 2 Pin Exciter built by Mark Kruse. I am the original owner and this container has about 200 jumps on it and is in near perfect condition. I recently replaced the risers with brand new ones built by Master Rigger James Yaru complete with dive loops and new Apex BASE toggles. Canopy: Basic Research Fox 265 4/7 VTEC with large FOX logo on bottom skin. Gray with yellow center cell. Canopy has approximately 400 jumps on it, has a couple small patches, and a small tear on the tail pocket with tape over it. If you have experience with this canopy then you know what to expect. Yes its old, no it doesn't have the same glide as modern canopies, yes you should induce speed for a landing. That being said I can land it on a dime and you can too if you know the canopy. The Fox developed the great reputation it did for a reason. If you don't have a lot of experience and aren't comfortable including speed to land then this probably isn't the canopy for you. (But seriously you should also practice inducing speed to land just ask Scotty Bob) This set up is container, risers, toggles, bridle, and canopy. Does not come with pilot chutes or stash bag. So here's the deal: If you're familiar with the gear its a great second rig/turn rig/perrine rig/rubidoux rig/bridge day/water rig/etc. It's prob not the best option for a first rig with all the newer technology out there. Please know what you're getting into but I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. I have more pics available I can send upon request.

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ID: 10260 | Expires on: 2019-05-21

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