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Classifieds: Complete Systems: Yard sale: BASE, speedfly, skydiving, and rigging gear for sale

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Yard sale: BASE, speedfly, skydiving, and rigging gear for sale updated

Posted on 2017-02-14 by: Dantana
Yard sale: BASE, speedfly, skydiving, and rigging gear for sale

Location: San Diego, California United States
Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping

Pictures and updates available on website: ***************************


Brave 3 harness, reversible, good condition, 4 years old ($350)
Swing Mirage 11.5, good condition, 5 years old? ($1250)
Forcefield body armor, spine protector, excellent, 6 months ($50)
Venom knee pads, fox racing elbow pads, decent ($10)
Digital windmeter, MS6252A ($10)
Appropriate stash bags
9 speedfly saboba tokens ($6 each, $40)


SPOT emergency GPS beacon, excellent ($50)
DRIFT helmet cam, with 8gb data card and wrist mounted stop/start ($40)
Factory diver helmet with Drift mount ($10)
24" (?) round parachute w risers. K24? big enough for 200lbs man($200)
Morpheus Gargoyle (DOM 2007) container, Troll 245 vented (DOM 2007), Morpeus 42" PC, about 300 j umps on whole system configured slider up ($1850)
Soft Cock Velco container + Cruiselite 220, heavily modified, multiple patches, tail pocket adde d, flat dacron lines, no PC (I used it as unpacked jump rig, would throw the round into the containe r for water jumps) ($250)
Vertex knockoff container (by Mark Kruse (?)), vented Troll 245 (DOM 2003?), Vertigo 42" PC (pro bably 600 jumps total, i put at least 200 on it, configured slider down.) $1500)
Face mask,red light wrist band ($10)
Packing supplies: clamps, stakes, endless pull up cords ($10)
Spare pilotchutes: 48, 45, 42, 38, 34 ($150)


Altimaster Galaxy2 Altimeter ($20)
Complete rig: Rigging Innovations Talon 2 (DOM 95), Performance Design 126 (DOM 98) reserve, and Icarus Omega 129 main (7-cell ellipitcal, vectran lines, replaced 50 jumps ago), no AAD ($1800)
S-fly Expert size Large, repair on left knee, dirty but in good condition ($300)
Prodigy I beginner wingsuit, size XL, repair on left leg (dirty but will wash) ($80)
Homemade tracksuit, size large, actually does pretty well ($20)
Protrack audible, battery still good ($80)
Clear plastic glasses ($20)


Lots of fabric, thread, ZP, cordura, and misc rigging items
3 nearly full spools of E thread ($50)
Lots of unused dacron line (red, white, black) ($50)
Half a 100' spool of brake cord ($40)
Wax coated thread
At least 3 extra mesh sliders
Complete set of reserve rigging tools: knee plate, folding bar, cypress flags, cleaning supplies , foreceps, 3x hemostat, full spool of cypress cord, endless rubber bands
Lead, red seal thread, marker device for making lead seals
Parachute rigging study guide
Parachute rigger handbook
Parachute rigging course book
Strong parachute material sample book ($10)
"The parachute manual", vol I and II, by Dan Poynter ($50 for both)

Stash bags for all gear
All items located in the San Diego area. Will give preference to people buying multiple items and those buying locally (because shipping is going to be a hassle). All gear is only as airworthy as your comfort level. I jumped it all not that long ago (and have footage to prove it), but items are sold as is, and up to you (and your rigger) to inspect and determine if any further work needed. I am a rigger and felt comfortable jumping my gear, but once it's in your hands it's up to you. Even when used 100% correctly, you can still be injured, your safety is your own responsibility, I offer no warranty or guarantee. Buyer pays shipping Contact: All gear fits me well, 6'2" and 165lbs.

Manufacturer Type Size/Model Jumps DOM Serial #

ID: 8906 | Expires on: 2017-03-16

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