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Classifieds: Complete Systems: Gargoyle Container 280 Black Jack

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Gargoyle Container 280 Black Jack new

Posted on 2018-10-09 by: Dennis Trisch
Price: 1750 USD (OBO)

Location: United States
Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping

A nice Rob built blue tie dye Gargoyle MFD 2/2006 with 196 jumps and in great shape. A fair amount of blood on it from previous owner but never bothered me much as itís mostly only seen on the grey portion of the rig. Will fit 5'10Ē-6'4Ē 170-210lbs give or take. It was built for previous owner who was 6'3Ē and 190 lbs. BlackJack 280 MFD 8/2005 with 173 jumps, great shape new lowers, small mesh slider. Black, Re Center Cell, Silver tabs. APEX WLO Toggles Had it inspected by Chuting Star rigger on 8/27/18 and hasnít been used since. Iíve attached the riggers report the only thing different frome report is there is a very small patch near one end of the canopy to cover the smallest of holes which was probably caused by a small thorn. Itís so small that the rigger didnít even see it and Iíd have a hard time finding it myself now but I recall having a friend put it on the ensure it didnít get any bigger. Comes with 42Ē vented PC and 36Ē blue PC. I live in Atlanta, you can come by to inspect the rig if youíre in the area. Otherwise Iíll have the rigging loft pack it up and ship it. Buyer responsible for shipping and any paypal fees if you choose not to send as a gift. Trustworthy seller, I have plenty of people in the sport that can vouch for me if needed. Please let me know if you have any questions. Shipping in US only $1750 USD for container, Black Jack 280 canopy and 42Ē PC, 36Ē PC More photos here

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ID: 10025 | Expires on: 2018-11-07

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