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Zak2 container, all black, DOM 08/12, made for Troll 245 regular fabric, dacron. Fits 175 cm/75 kg +-.Integrated risers, 50 jumps only, very good condition, brand new BOC made by masterrigger.
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wanted 245 UL Dacron lines ( like flick ) Not OuTLAW
Wanted an all round canopy with vents for up and down slider like the flick UL, not an Outlaw, I already had one. Just in Europe. A 260 can also fit. Thanx
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Squirrel C2 (5'4" 130lbs)
Fits 5'4" 130lbs. Great condition ~25 jumps.
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Apex DP and Troll 305
For sale / A vendre ! Apex Dp 3 rings, dom 2008. Atair Troll 305 dom 2013 (no vented, but you can add MDV 5 for ~ 400? with Adrenalin or Atair Company) Approx 150 jumps on rig and canopy, line ...
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Perigee Pro with Black Jack 240
Complete Base Rig for sale. Around 350 jumps. (100 Slider Down) Container Asylum Perigee Pro DOM: 2006 Canopy Consolidated Rigging Black Jack 240 with valves and vents. Dacron Lines and ZP Nose. ...
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JACK DAW + PEAK 245 LIGHT GEAR pay in 2 or 3 times ;)
A Jack Daw only 20 jumps like NEW AND a PEAK 245 only 1, ONE jump!!! You get a rig light for the price of a new canopy With a NEW canopy :D Made only for slider UP It s an old Material ...