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This is a free service to help you sell your new or used BASE gear. Ads are purged daily so you won't have to browse through old outdated listings. Please read our Listing Guidelines.

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Squirrel Colugo
Fits 6ft 190lbs. Great condition. Buyer pays shipping.
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Razor and Trango 265
Razor sized for 180 cm, 83 kg, Diamondback black and silver, saddlebags, cargo leg pads, articulation, integrity riser, quick release chest adapter, 100 jumps, very good overall condition, but has ...
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APEX TL9 with FLiK 322
Just over a year old. I lost weight and have a new rig that fits me better. This was sized for someone 6'1 217lbs. Container has bottomless corners, articulated, stainless steel hardware, 3-ring ...
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Squirrel Sumo
1 year old. 30 Skydives, 30 Base jumps. Great condition, no holes or tears. Buyer pays shipping. Fits 6'1 200lbs
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Squirrel Funk
1 Year old. Fits 6'1 200lbs. Great condition. 150 skydives, 0 BASE jumps.
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Asylum 32" ZP apex vented PC with external handle and a single attachment point

Asylum vented pilot chute with external handle

measures 23.67 Harendza units, also known as 32 imperial inches

  • vented apex
  • single point attachment
  • ...