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Bridge Day gear rentals - I got 'em !

I got plenty of rentals for Bridge Day 2014 !

I got squares, and if you want to spice it up, I can also rent you a round.

PS Nesbitt's mom is a whore

PPS Mark Kruse ...

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Bridge Day Rentals by;Mark Kruse
Hey Guys! It's that time of year again! I have been attending Bridge Day for 25 years, and I have been providing rentals and pack jobs since 2002.All sizes available.Pick your rig up at the Holiday ...
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Intrudair Manta. Fit's for 185cm/6ft regular build with shoe size 45/46 european.
+- 100 jump. Fit's for 185cm/6ft regular build. Shoe size +- 45/46 European. - big zips - belly pocket for phone and inside pocket - pull up zips - base soles - .... Leg wing is just dirty and can ...
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PhoenixFly - Havoc Factory New 20% Off
PhoenixFly - Havoc Factory New 20% Off This is a Leading Edge Stock PhoenixFly - Phantom 3. Suit is brand new and taken out of its factory seal to take picture only, 0 jumps. Original ...
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Seven 220
Seven 220. DOM 5/2012, 175 jumps. No water or tree landings, patches or holes. Mostly jumped slider up with grassy soft landings. White lines, small mesh slider. Can ship from US after August ...
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Perigee Pro & Seven 240
Perigee Pro, Seven 240 with 32" PC. May throw in an additional 42" & 38" PCs. I'm 5'9" 165lbs and it fits me well. In excellent condition, absolutely no damage of any type, no patches, no water ...