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Super Clean Gargoyle Helium + with Troll 265 with ZP nose ( fits 5ft.9in - 6ft.1in )
Super nice and clean rig less than 100 jumps on entire rig. Sewn in risers, HE+ container, Troll 265 ( white ) with ZP nose Super nice rig. I'm selling due to wanting a Vented Black Jack for Moab ...
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Ace 280
Grey blue and black Ace about 100 jumps. No tips or tears. in great shape Lines in great condition, new break lines 20 jumps ago must go asap
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Apex dp
Black and grey apex Dp 200 jumps in great condition. Will fit 240-280 canopy have had all in a 240, 260 and 280... I'm 5'9" 160ish can go both ways.
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Apex DP + Blackjack 240
Black and grey apex dp and black grey and green blackjack 240 Both in great condition Black lines In Good shape With stash bag I'm 5'9" and 160lbs could go both ways up or down a little
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Tiki Rigging Kahuna / Consolidated Rigging Black Jack 260 / Apex PCs / Kraken Stash Bag
Selling a complete system in great condition with 56 total jumps. Tiki Rigging Kahuna container has 2-pin closure with optional through-loop top pin; colors black and orange. Integrated risers with ...
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PD Proxy Base Canopy
I have a basically new PD Proxy 260 base canopy.I bought this from a experienced wing suit pilot with 20 wingsuit jumps on green SD jumps. Microline and slinks.... not a stain, mark or ...