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Fox 265
fox 265 unvented ... has some patches but still good cond....sell..or swap for canopy or container in the 220- 245 range....
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42" Asylum Toxic PC
Blue and black 42" Toxic PC. Has roughly 30 jumps +- a few. Absolutely no damage or anything wrong with it, perfectly symmetrical as the day it was new. No handles, single point attachment point, ...
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Rock Dragon 244 + SWS Edge
Rock Dragon 244 + SWS Edge ~175/65. DOM 2008. perfect condition. rig max 80 jumps-only slyder down. 3 pilot chute (46,38,32) , bridle 3 meters , big grab toggles, stash bag. rig in Russia, Nizhny ...
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Morpheus Razor/Trango245
Only 30 jumps on system, Canopy is White with Red center cell, and in pristine condition, the container is in good condition but has abrasions on the left legstrap. D.O.M. is April/May 2008. Built ...
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Apex DPX/Black Jack 260
70 jumps on system, the Apex DPX is the 1300 and has the owners manual, it was a specialty container made to expand to accommodate climbing gear but is similar to a normal container when not ...
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Reactor 4 w/ Fox 245 Purple and Black
I have a Reactor 4 rig with a fox 245 for sale.It has approx 150 jumps and is in pretty good shape.It has been a closet for awhile but stored will come with two pilotchutes and a stash ...