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Javelin J-7 Raven II Reserve
Perfect for very large canopies and in very good condition for it's age. Reserve was inspected by my rigger and is in great shape. Bottom flap has 2 grommets to accommodate both very large and ...
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Vertex 2 and Flik 266
Very well maintained set with absolutly no damages or repairs. approx 200jumps on it. Will fit persons around 180-185cm and 80-90kg. Rig: Vertex 2 Dual-pin rig, Tie-dye Blue and red with ...
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Phoenix Fly Track suit, Size L
Bought at Stavanger BASE klubb in the summer 2013, as new, only 20 Basejumps.
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Perigee Pro & Seven 240, 3 PCs, Free Shipping
Perigee Pro & Seven 240. DOM for both is 09/2010. 60 jumps on both. No water landings, no patches. Absolutely nothing wrong, excellent condition! Made for someone 5'9" 160 lbs but can fit someone ...
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FREE Han Wags - women's US size 6
Just want these boots to benefit someone else. Good condition, new laces and FREE. Recipient pays shipping (assume $20).
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Ace 280 d.o.m. 2013 23 jumps like new
Ace 280 black lines, no z.p., no vents (people ask). This canopy is like new with no water landings or patches or trips to Moab..... 916-747-1824.