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Apex DP w/ 293 Outlaw and 38, 42, and 48 PCs Complete Kit for 6'3" 200lbs
I have an Apex DP with about 70 jumps on it and an Outlaw 293 with 20 jumps. The PCs all have less than 20 jumps as well. DP is Grey and Green and the Outlaw is all black with a Green Nose. Please ...
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Two Phoenix Fly Hunters
TWO Phoenix Fly Hunters. 1. PF Black and Orange Colours , 20 Jumps or Less Excellent Condition Sized for Gandalf. All options $1100 2. White and Red colours, Less than 10 jumps, Excellent ...
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Complete rig with standard OSP265 apex DP container PC, and stash bag
Gear is flawless! Black and blue OSP has less than 30 jumps, PC is 48 non vented or vented 42. Black and grey DP rig is built for 5ft9-6ft1 170ish lbs
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Zack 2 / Troll 245
Selling Complete AdrenalinBase system. Nov 2013 Zak2/Troll . For someone between 1,75 - 1,85cm (70-80kg). Details: Brake release toggles, stash bag, MDV5, No 3-ring system, 46" pc, 4 clamps. ...
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Vertex / Flik 220
Vertex with a Flik 220 Vertex Great condition, no damage Container sized for 56(1.68m)/135lbs(61.2kg) can go up or down, holds a 220 or 240. Vertex two pin with every option except the ...
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2 tracksuits. Raven & a tube 3
Raven- perfect for tall skinny people 6'-6'4".approximately 100 skydives. Tube3- approximately 60 skydives 10 base. Good fit for 5'8"-6'. For more info & pics Email FB or PM . jakebaustin@gmail. ...