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Perigee Pro in very nice condition (canopy and extras available)
This ad is for the container only. The rig was originally made for the world famous Matthias Giraud (aka Super Frenchy). It was made for a Seven 260, but I had been jumping a 240 sized canopy in ...
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V4 - excellent condition
You want to look like Jeb and fly like Jokke? This is the suit. Don't even think about upsizing to a mattress from your P3, Ghost, or Havok without learning to fly fast and with precision in a ...
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Exciter container, 100 jumps
Perfect for troll-265, (could fit flik242 and troll285.) Height 175-185 Excelent condition At the moment container is in St. Petersburg, Russia. Can ship to other galaxies =) more photos: ...
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I am selling this for a friend. It is a Bombproof Neo, Green and Black, with white piping. In good shape, has no damage. Comes complete with bridle, risers and toggles. It has 200 jumps on it. It ...
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Wanted: Phantom 2 / 2z /3 or Ghost 2 / 3 ...... Trade for Vampire 3
I am looking for a Phantom wingsuit or similar to fit 6'3" 90kg. I want to trade for my Vampire 3 wingsuit, made for the same build. it is in very good condition and a good swap for anyone that ...
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Apex Wlo Toggles
Almost new, just few jumps. 70 shipping included. Contact the Seller