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need small girl rig
looking for a complete rig or canopy for a girl that is 5'2" and about 105lbs-110lbs. what you got?
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Scorpion 2
Scorpion 2 to fit approx 176cm 70 kg. 50 jumps some dirt and minor wear 450 euro, located at Brento
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Apex DP - fits F111 240 - 5'6" 150 lbs
Selling an Apex DP which used to contain a blackjack 240 w/ ZP nose (good size for container) and fits me pretty well at 5'6" 150 lbs. I have had friends wear it who were around 5'11 and said they ...
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Vented 240 Se7en ( 3 vents)
Selling my seven because I don't jump as much as I used to. Its a great canopy packed mostly in grass and indoors with a few Moab pack jobs.. No water landings or holes and the lines are in good ...
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Flik II 290 in a summit
Click for Pictures - Brand New Canopy - Black with Grey Center & Stabilizers, white lines, ...
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hybrid LD2
hybrid LD2 extend 2013