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shark 2
new 1 jump full options
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Apex FLiK BASE 02/2013
Less that 30 jumps, never wet, perfect conditions Size: FLiK 242 Vtec: 4 of 7 Multi: 2 - Line Slider Type: Small Hole Color Coded Line Tabs: No Line Color: Black w/ Red Tail Gate
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Flik Lite 220, <100 Jumps
MFG 2012, <100 jumps, 1 Vent Center-Cell, Black Lines, Red center cell & stabilizers, Black other cells.
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Apex TL4 Container 02/2013
Less that 30 jumps Holds canopy 220-255 Can hold canopy Articulation: Yes Hardware: Stainless Built in Risers: Yes Bottomless Corners: No Saddlebags: Yes Deluxe Backpad: No Tie Dye: None ...
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Helium Container Red&Black, <100 jumps
MFG 2012, <100 jumps Helium Container - Cordura Red & Black, 3rings(Large), Like-new condition.
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ld2 long and 245 osp light
orange and black ld2 long with orange and black light osp. wlo toggles, 36 orange new pilot chute. enjoy you cunts its in great condition 100 jumps ps i can uppick the rapevan logo if ...