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Black Jack 260
Black Jack 260 220 jumps one patch
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Black Jack 280 F 111, with slider&stuff sack-Rigger owned
I'm selling my Consolidated Rigging Black Jack 280. I haven't jumped it in over A year so it's time to let it go. It has about 60 sub terminal jumps in it. No patches or repairs. Black & Dark ...
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Flik 254 LV with all the options. 0 jumps, never been packed (rigger owned)
I have a Flik 254 LV with all the options. Vtec vent: 3 of 7. Multi 2-line bridle attachment. Large hole slider. Colored line tabs. White lines with red brake lines/tail gait. Rib color: matching. ...
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Apex DP 4 w/ FLik LV 266
No holes, rips, or tears. Jumped 16 times. Colored packing tabs, Multi 2, EZ grab toggles, Bottomless corners, VTEC 3/7, saddlebags, mag bridle, 2 pin, hook knife, 3 ring system Comes with : ...
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For sale Brand new Trango 3 205ft
Like new (20jumps) I am selling a trango 3 bought this summer. Reason : a bit too small. Colours black and red (leading edge). Price 1600 00 33 6 79 81 66 40
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pair of mint PerigeeII velcro containers sized for 280 canopies

I have two Asylum PerigeeII velcro containers.
both sized for a 280 BlackJack (size PII-37) and will easily go down a size.
Fit someone 5'9"-6ft

Both come with ...