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SausageToo Small person🙂
Selling my new (only 8jumps on it) SausageToo, made for 1'55 to 1'60 person.
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Hybrid LD2 + Atair Trango 245
Adr?naline Base Hybrid LD2 avec voile Atair Trango 245. Connections souples, extracteur 38?. Gabarit 180-185cm, 70-75kg Voile et sac de 2010, 101 sauts, pas d?arbrissage ni d?amerrissage. ...
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Alpine2 Ultra/Ultra light
Only 10 jumps For 1.85m and 80kg fabric skytex 27gr, few small holes patched up. Biggest and lightest wingsuit I've owned, around 1,4Kg Perfect for big mountain jumps with long hikes, less for ...
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PF Sukhoi
For sale Sukhoi, 150 jumps Super fun suit, fast and agile 1.85m and 80kg All grey with orange zippers and adrenalin-blue arms, logo and grippers Contact me for questions and photos ...
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Fox 220
Fox 220, grey with purple center and stabilizers. Unvented. DOM and jump number unknown. I've put 100+ skydives on it since I bought it. Patch on top skin where hawk clawed it.
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Intrudair Orca
Incl. WTP. (What in my opinion for sure is needed on this suit in case wanting to base jump with it) Please be advised this is a very experienced wingsuit pilot suit. Fits +- 1.82m regular ...