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Lobo Canopy by Apex

5 out of 5 stars Lobo Rated 5 by: werd2dawise on 2016-03-31

I did 357 jumps on my Lobo 220. I chose the smaller size because I personally like to load my BASE canopy a bit heavier than recommended. I don't suggest this for most people because I still believe that it is best to have more fabric above in case something bad happens. The lobo has a very brisk opening which makes it great for low stuff. The slider up opening is perfect. At the 3+ second delay, when jumping slider down, my neck starts to feel it. Other than that, the characteristics are very nice. The control is very good and responsive. There is a great range in the brakes so you can fly slow or a bit more aggressive. The rear risers are very responsive for quick turns after opening. It has very good flare power to set you down soft.