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5 out of 5 stars Seven Rated 5 by: freeflybase on 2012-06-09

I have been using what was consolidated rigging equipment since the mid/late 90's. Starting off with the Mojo in a Perigee classic, then onto the ACE and then again to the Seven... Its a fantastic canopy all round. Asylum have really gone out of their way to nail this canopy. It packs super small, some 10% smaller than a similar size ACE making a neat and tidy pack job. The material, even with the Composite Upper Surface packs neatly and stays exactly where you place it.

The openings are totally predictable, as you pack and have confidence in the equipment the openings are consistent, both slider up and slider down. The pressurisation is rapid and the flight is both rapid when you have the space and time but also very slow and precise when you need it. I can sink the canopy in on deep brakes but still have enough left in the 'locker' for a flare and a comfortable landing.

In all the Asylum Seven is a breath of fresh air, it is predictable and confidence boosting. A must in any container for sure.



5 out of 5 stars Seven Rated 5 by: deadmanwalking on 2011-11-08

The Seven is a whole new type of BASE canopy that brings the word versatile into base. It is great for technical landing areas with a deep braked approach, it sinks like an elevator and still has plenty left for a soft landing. On the other end of the spectrum the Seven feels like a fast sky diving canopy as aggressive inputs give very aggressive outputs, if you have the room for it you can really pick up a lot of speed and have a blast on your way down. The Seven will make you excited to pack as the material falls into place and stays where you put it, no canopy I have ever used packs as small and clean. The deployment defines consistency as it very quickly yet smoothly opens on heading time and time again. All in all the Seven is an exhilarating and confidence inspiring BASE canopy perfect for any jump, don't leave home with out it! -Jesse Hall

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