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Blackjack the right formula will last forever

5 out of 5 stars Black Jack Rated 5 by: dan_inagap on 2014-09-04

An updated review of the Blackjack is long overdue!

The Blackjack's 5 control lines makes it easy to turn on toggles and gives it awesome flare power. It pressurises speedily with 4 vents and makes for an awesome slider down or up canopy. The glide ratio is superb and I'm usually able to out-fly my mates who fly competing brands. In silly conditions this canopy flies through turbulence with ease, although flying in bad conditions is never a good idea and can lead to soiling yourself or worse.

All in all this canopy has all the features you want in a base canopy and has saved my ass on a number of occasions when i've had a lapse in judgment.

Glide, sink, or flare it, this canopy rocks! The price doesn't hurt either


Blackjack 260 Upper 30 percent ZP

5 out of 5 stars Black Jack Rated 5 by: base1347 on 2010-12-11

My first canopy was a vented troll. I swore that nothing could beat it cause it was amazing (as i'm sure all jumpers will swear by their canopy cause they are all great). My Blackjack is better. I sometimes find myself having to make extra turns or fly in deep brakes so I don't overshoot a tight landing area cause my glide is so badass that the quick 180 and flare that I just watched the other 2 jumpers do dosent work for me... haha it's awesome. "zippy" too if I had to pick one word to describe it. Have had all consistent on headings with this canopy. (now my next jump will be a nasty offheading since I said that) ;-) AWESOME CANOPY... LOVE IT!


5 out of 5 stars Black Jack Rated 5 by: dhracer33 on 2007-08-11

The best all around canopy I have ever jumped by far. Great openings, amazing glide, powerfull flare. The only downside is you won't want to do illegal jumps anymore cause you couldn't bear to loose such a bad ass canopy!

Black Jack

5 out of 5 stars Black Jack Rated 5 by: DaveO on 2007-08-04

Most of my jumps are on other vented BASE canopies. But I have now found the power of the Black Jack. I love this canopy. Mine have the CUS. (Composite upper skin) In my opinion the Black Jack out preforms the other canopies in every aspect. More glide, faster riser and toggle imputs, greater control range, and more flare power. Truly awsome.

Black Jack attack!

5 out of 5 stars Black Jack Rated 5 by: deadmanwalking on 2007-08-01

This canopy is perfect for BASE and has no close second. If you are serious about your jumping and love technical landings then the Back Jack is for you!

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