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My go-to canopy.

5 out of 5 stars Troll DW Rated 5 by: RoryJ on 2011-10-10

I have a few over 100 BASE jumps now and the majority have been on my Troll 245 DW MDV. I have taken it S/L off of a 175' A, to terminal off of an 1,800' A. It always pressurizes fast and is ready to fly as soon as I get to my toggles.

It flies great in brakes, can tippy toe into any tight spot I have ever needed to land, be it Bridge Day or an urban jump.

I also own a Black Jack 240, but the Troll is the canopy I go to for lower jumps and when I need nice, precise braked turns and the like. It just floats so nice and flies reliably in any configuration.

I am 175 lbs. geared up, for the record.



5 out of 5 stars Troll DW Rated 5 by: Clark282 on 2010-11-16

Brilliant, perfect glide ratio, been to the factory in slovenia, made to the highest standards. I will always use Atair. Could not rate higher.


3 out of 5 stars Troll DW Rated 3 by: rakkers on 2008-04-10

I've only done 12 BASE jumps so all information should be regarded as an opinion only - and a beginners opinion. Another thing to consider is the light wing loading I am flying it at (approximately 0.665).

Opening on slider down/removed jumps are quick but the canopy often seems like it is about to collapse as it struggles to inflate the end cells. It makes it worse when you pull the brakes to release them. Personally I would never attempt a free fall lower than 260 ft, preferably 300ft. My mentor regularly does a 220 ft free fall with an ace canopy (also non vented) without too many problems although he goes straight from releasing the brakes into a flare.

Unless it is essential do not release the brakes to early. While the canopy is still pressurizing the deeper brakes that you apply while releasing the brakes makes the canopy buffer.

The end cells also take their time inflating (probably due to the wing loading). So much so that turning soon after deployment is very slow.

Flying and landing applying deep brakes is sweet. Once it opens and pressurizes it is a pleasure to fly :)


I have 40 BASE jumps now, and as with most of you, you end up doing things that you promised yourself you would never do. I went on a 220ft freefall for the first time the other day and everything turned great. Had a lot more canopy time than expected and had a fully pressurised canopy for landing. Troll seems to be flying just fine.

PS: put on a little weight since then and wl is now 0.695

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