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Tracking suits for beginners
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Sep 22, 2021, 10:13 AM
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Tracking suits for beginners Can't Post

The last threads on this site about tracking suits for beginners are five years old. As there could have been significant advances in the meantime, I dare to start a new thread in the hope to receive some updated advice.

I'll be looking for a two-piece suit: On the one hand as the initial step on my skydiving learning curve, which shall take me from a two-piece suit in a first step to a one-piece tracking suit and later-on into the direction of wingsuits (or at least a hybrid suit). On the other hand, I'd like to come back to using the same suit, once I'm ready to get into base jumping and looking for a not too aggressive tracking suit as part of my base-jumping learning curve.

I've had a look at manufacturers of tracking suits, as far as I could identify them on the Internet. Pressurized suggests a minimum of 70 skydives for starting to use the Tube 5. Phoenix Fly suggests a minimum of 80 skydives for starting to use the Classic 2 Piece 21. Intrudair gave me an estimate of 80 to 100 skydives for their entry-level Tracking Suit. I presume that they all try to target approximately the same customer group. Squirrel, on the contrary, suggests a minimum of 150 skydives for the Sumo 3 suit. I presume, therefore, that the Sumo compares to the more advanced two-piece tracking suits Phoenix Fly Power 2 Piece 21 or the Intrudair Tracking Ultimate. (Please correct me if this impression is wrong).

As I'd like to start with tracking suits early on, I'm currently considering Phoenix Fly Classic 2 Piece 21 (or the 22 edition if it gets available soon), Pressurized Tube 5 and Intrudair Tracking Suit. Is anybody aware about significant differences among these suits? Is one of these suits easier to fly, so that I could hope that my skydiving coach might agree to me starting to use it particularly early? Is one of these suits better suited to using it as an entry level base tracking suit at a later date? Is one of these suits likely to offer me a steeper learning curve, either for skydiving or for base jumping?

I'm, of course, aware that there is likely to be nobody at all who can offer a first-hand comparison on the basis of having used more than one of these beginner suits. It would, nonetheless, be great if you could just write a bit about your own experience with one of these suits, or about advice you have received in favour or against any of these suits. (If this message is read by a coach who has coached students with suits from different manufacturers, please take the time to let me know your impression about how suitable they were for your students as well !!!)

Thank you very much in advance for your replies!


Sep 23, 2021, 9:33 AM
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Re: [Damarcello] Tracking suits for beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

Why waste time on a trackingsuit? Get a wingsuit and get all the girls! Or maybe it's the likes these days...?


Oct 8, 2021, 12:51 AM
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Re: [Heat] Tracking suits for beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

For me only the PF is a real beginner tracksuit, maybe the Intrudair one also but I'm not that sure about it's size (please note that I'm working with them). Tube 5 is in the large category as much as Sumo, PF PTS, Intrudair Ultimate.
As it is a real beginner suit you might want to switch to a bigger one fast.
If you can I would recommend to buy a used one even if I know it's hard to find.

About how easy to fly they are the Classic is mostly an improved slick track where the large ones are very different to fly.

I think there are not much differencies now between the large ones and at the end you can probably choose whatever you prefer and you should be happy with it.

P.S.: I have around 300 2 pieces jumps, mostly with homemades suits. I've tested PF Classic and PTS, I never jumped the Sumo or the Tube 5 but I think I can have a good guess about them on sight with my experience over the years.


Oct 13, 2021, 5:41 AM
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Re: [Damarcello] Tracking suits for beginners [In reply to] Can't Post

I did my 40th jump out of a airplane with a Tube4, was a bit shaky but really no problem/dangerous, it was more my fault as I kept stalling the suit.

At least the Tube4 is really well balanced and you can box with it if you keep your legs tight up to your butt, so the excess fabric don't take wind and makes you asymmetric, and what I've heard the Tube5 is basically Tube4' extended pants(it had a zipper system for a small and large pants in the same suit) with a bigger/ more balanced jacket.
And besides 2-pieces are 2-pieces, doesn't had much innovation for the last couple of years as producers moved on to Onesies, people say the Orginal PF tracking suit is a great starter but I would say you'll outgrow it pretty quickly.

So my recommendation is to save some money and buy a Tube5 (Don't know how beginner friendly the others is but Tube5 has a forgiving floaty tracking style) directly, skydive it a bunch so you learn every ins and outs then progress to a Onesie, then you will have a nice 2-piece to go back to.

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