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Dec 8, 2017, 4:20 AM
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JRE BASE Number Can't Post

What’s your BASE Number, and who was on the JRE Podcast?

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Dec 8, 2017, 6:57 AM
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Re: [dmcoco84] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

whats a jre podcast?


Dec 8, 2017, 10:20 AM
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Re: [dmcoco84] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

So... it was a little before midnight on 11/11, that I saw the post from earlier that night in Leroy’s thread; “unIntentional BASE Pictures in the real world”. Have always loved that thread... but nowadays every time it comes up, it’s also quite depressing; since he absolutely should have been at KL 2009, as planned.

Forum has seemed a bit slow too, unlike a decade ago... and have briefly wondered if there was anything similar I could post that would be fun/entertaining.

I regularly need something short to listen to while I work on certain tasks, often searching on YT for “Joe Rogan on” or “Adam Carolla on”, and eventually noticed that he was just shy of hitting a “100 away mark”, from my BASE number. But the thread idea didn’t come to me that night, because I remember when it did, 1039 had been posted (making it less than 10 away - 11/14); and Damn, Iliza Shlesinger is Smokin’ Hot!

Why does that part matter to me?

Because she was born on George Washington’s Birthday...

I still haven’t had time to listen to it (her second appearance since the studio changes), and have also only had time to listen in full to a dozen or so overall. However, in recalling Steve-O’s two ridiculously hilarious episodes, I also wondered whose BASE numbers corresponded to them.

After deciding I would probably be posting sometime after 1047 was up... yesterday, again, needing something short to listen to, the first two JRE clips that came up were about fights I hadn’t yet seen, the third was about Louie CK, and the fourth... was a skydiver; “Joe Rogan Talks To Crazy Skydiver About The Risks of Skydiving”. Which was not on his “JRE Clips” channel, but a fan page, and it was from that description, I learned it was from Episode 1047; the “100 mark.”

Talk about an “interesting little coincidence!”

Now, I’ll admit, I’m horrible with names. I had indeed seen that 1047 was up, but when I saw his name, didn’t realize who it was (using my bookmark that goes right to the videos tab for his channel; which shows no descriptions, only names and numbers) - (but was vaguely aware of the WS record). Though seen after the fact, he was also on #720 (11/10/15), and while there have been a few Navy Seals, it appears he is the only BASE jumper to have been on the show.

So... definitely decided to post after that.

And am looking forward to seeing who is on for 1147; and what day that falls on.



Dec 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
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Re: [wasatchrider] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

wasatchrider wrote:
whats a jre podcast?

Not into MMA? It's Joe Rogan.


Dec 12, 2017, 4:45 PM
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Re: [dmcoco84] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

I missed Andy Stumpf by one episode and ended up with comedian Doug Stanhope. JRE shows are too long for me to listen to each one, but when the guest is interesting I'll add it to my queue.


Dec 29, 2017, 1:22 AM
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Re: [Ten48] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

GRIN -- Had to happen to somebody... but Stanhope is a good one!

The ending of the bit from his appearance on Louie, gets me every time. "That’s Gross!"

Where, this is pretty interesting, but with a F’d up ending joke; but, hey, that’s comedy.

And back to JRE: this was good to watch/hear; Bobcat on the topic. -- I’m not one to post on any anti-social media platforms whenever a celebrity I like passes away, but I will say, his suicide did bother me greatly; especially given several aspects relating to What Dreams May Come. So, this information was, "comforting", to a degree.



Dec 31, 2017, 8:21 PM
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Re: [Ten48] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

Andy was trying to get miles d ( his mentor) on the podcast. Could be fun lol.


Dec 31, 2017, 11:25 PM
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Re: [Hanzo] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

That eould be awesome!


Jan 1, 2018, 11:23 AM
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Re: [Heat] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

"Damn Miles, 63 jumps in one day...that is just insane to think about. I can't comprehend doing something for 24 hours straight...except maybe think about chimpanzees. Do you ever think about hairless primates, Miles? Hey Jamie, pull up that video of a chimp eating a man's face..."

(This post was edited by cvjoe on Jan 1, 2018, 11:24 AM)


Jan 1, 2018, 11:45 AM
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Re: [cvjoe] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

"Do you hunt?"Laugh


Jan 30, 2018, 1:30 AM
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Re: [dmcoco84] JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

Well ... I started off my new year nicely. Not with a jump (not this year), but a few hours after the countdown I was finally able to start #1047. Watched most of it, but finished just after midnight the next day, and since then have also finished #720. Both were well worth the time:

#1047 was the better of the two, and very ADD-esk: lots of good topics covered, but with a handful I would’ve liked to hear more on.

#720 was also great, but I definitely preferred Andy being solo. Tait is an interesting guy, but was honestly a bit annoying in the beginning with his “it’s the corporations, man” and a bit more. But he eventually stops, and does redeem himself.

Best topic covered ... the Javelin Missile Story. That is a Bad Ass Missile System, and “top-attack” is one of the sickest fucking things I’ve ever seen. Have long known about it, was super jealous as soon as it was brought up, and then the story was awesome.

Did take some notes while watching. Most are things I personally found interesting, but a good chunk are straight topic changes; definitely not a full list. And some are, not surprisingly, “interesting little coincidences.” lol.

-- JRE #1047:

- 01:20… Town with 22k People; Montana.
- 04:40… Comment about interaction on Internet.
- 09:00… WS Convo Starts.
- 20:24… Gay Retarded Grizzly.
- 26:33… “If you do stupid things, you’re gonna win stupid prizes.”
- 29:25… Social Media Comment.
- 31:52… Power Corrupts.
- 44:20… “Up Before Jocko.”
- 46:34… (Please Stand By; Start.)
- 47:00… End Social Media, back to Montana Winter; and Cars.
- 51:51… (Please Stand By; End.)
- 52:30… Grizzly Frozen Watermelon and Hunting.
- 54:18… JRE: Vegan Hypocrite; “He’s a nice guy, but he’s an asshole.”
- 1:01:30… Wolves.
- 1:11:20… Sounds Gay.
- 1:11:36… New Zealand Cliffs; BASE.
- 1:13:05… “I can’t help it if some people are pussies.”
- 1:14:14… “I wish that more people would willingly go to that point.”
- 1:14:17… Partial Start of story from #720; military and jumping.
- 1:24:22… *Skydiving/BASE: Start of Clip from OP.*
- 1:37:32… “Not everybody should have kids.”
- 1:38:42… Kimchi.
- 1:52:32… “How do people not realize that that’s inherently dangerous?”
- 1:55:50… North Korea.
- 2:12:40… JRE: “I think it’s entirely possible the Clintons are murderers. - Outsourced.”
- 2:22:52… PERJURY - You’d Go To Jail.
- 2:24:52… Personal Scrutiny, Back to North Korea, and Other Military Topics.
- 2:36:21… Lack of Perspective.
- 2:47:22… 8 More Years After Shot.
- 2:51:22… Virginia Beach!

-- JRE #720:

- 03:36… JRE: “We really should clean these.”
- 06:25… MMA Cage vs Navy Seal.
- 06:50… SWAT Team: “Vietnam called, they want their gun back.”
- 13:33… Vampire Schedule.
- 17:02… Gitmo.
- 18:40… “Oh, stop it.”
- 22:02… “You don’t get a second chance, for me.”
- 31:20… JRE: Muslim Holy War.
- 38:35… King for a day.
- 48:26… Russia.
- 56:22… Putin/Obama Fight To The Death; Embarrassment.
- 57:41… JRE: “Bill Clinton I bet could make some phone calls.” (Murder for Hire)
- 58:36… JRE: “Good food is good for you.”
- 59:11… “The Conspiracy!”
- 1:02:02… “Wow. Man, you’ve got a steel trap for a memory over there, Joe.”
- 1:03:45… CrossFit Jet Pilot.
- 1:09:22… Suck Starting a Pistol.
- 1:09:32… Wingsuit Craziness.
- 1:12:45… Started BASE.
- 1:16:34… “I Calibrated Camera 1 and Camera 2.”
- 1:17:55… JRE: Sounds like something a guy named Jeb would do; Jesus, Fucking, Christ.
- 1:21:14… Not Enjoyable; WS BASE low pull.
- 1:28:07… Eat Some Dicks, Man.
- 1:29:34… 3X Caffeine of a Redbull.
- 1:30:01… Edibles: Joey “Coco” Diaz changing packaging.
- 1:31:08… Record Jump, Navy Seal Foundation; but gets off topic.
- 1:34:24… Don’t have time to be anything other than myself; into MMA.
- 1:44:08… Tate: Matrix… weird statement; JRE makes funny face.
- 1:44:40… Wingsuit Answer.
- 1:49:09… “How do I get you out of an airplane?”
- 1:53:27… Virginia Beach!
- 1:59:36… Javelin Missile Story.
- 2:10:10… “Everybody’s got a cup.”
- 2:12:37… Absolutely Terrifying Moment/Funny GD Thing all in 60s; Story.
- 2:17:30… Back to WS Record and Navy Seal Foundation.
- 2:22:00… Bureaucracy/Fraud, More Military.
- 2:35:28… “Not the country you want to mess around with that stuff.”
- 2:44:10… JRE: "It wrecks your endocrine system … then their balls don’t work anymore."
- 2:44:38… UCMJ.
- 2:48:31… Buds Exchange Student Story.
- 2:52:05… “Choice.”
- 2:53:46… “Joe will be in the plane as well.”
- 2:54:10… Ends with Javelin Missile video -- “Reach out and touch somebody.”
- 2:57:10… 240mg caffeine.


Feb 8, 2018, 4:20 AM
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Re: JRE BASE Number [In reply to] Can't Post

Danica Patrick is a drug dealer.

So does anyone know (outside of the obvious two) who has Steve-O; BASE #960 and #717 ??

Hanzo wrote:
Andy was trying to get miles d ( his mentor) on the podcast. Could be fun lol.

That would indeed be awesome; Joe would enjoy Miles for sure!

Where did you hear this? Wasn't on his two JRE's.

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