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Spain legal base events.
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May 15, 2017, 7:51 PM
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Spain legal base events. Can't Post

Does anyone know how to apply to these events, is it invite only etc how do I make contact. Any information is appreciated.




May 16, 2017, 12:01 AM
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Re: [drills4skills] Spain legal base events. [In reply to] Can't Post

You can contact

Great objects, the communities and the Spanish jumpers are awesome, but don't expect any prize money. We're still waiting from last year.


May 16, 2017, 2:48 PM
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Re: [eshutes] Spain legal base events. [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you,

Not in it for prize money I guess just want to get amoungst the community and have fun. Thanks a lot for your help.


May 19, 2017, 12:37 AM
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Re: [drills4skills] Spain legal base events. [In reply to] Can't Post

drills4skills wrote:
Thank you,

Not in it for prize money I guess just want to get amoungst the community and have fun. Thanks a lot for your help.

This is the right attitude to take to these events because there will most likely be more than a few things that will be frustrating and a pain in the ass.

I agree with everything eshutes said and would like to add a few of the finer details of the events so people know what to expect. I attended 3 events in Spain(Ponferrada, Hoz de Joca and Rhonda).

- Events were small. No more than like 12 people at each one. Had a nice intimate feel with the other attendees and locals who welcomed the jumpers. Super friendly crowd, even to the 2 inept Spanish speaking Americans.Laugh

- Great objects for those ready for a challenge but definitely not for low experience jumpers. The building in Ponferrada is tricky with it's low height, funky winds and landing in a large depression directly at the base. Exit is right in the middle of the building and only a short ramp. Braked turns and deep brake approaches are a must if you are going for the primary LZ.
The "Earth" jump in Hoz de Jaca is just a short delay and long canopy flight. Normal considerations for an earth jump. Landing was fun. Only place to land was a floating accuracy pad in the middle of a big lake! Plan on getting wet even if you stay on the pad!
The Rhonda Earth jumps are pretty serious. Winds were up and down. Exit is along a long wall in a slight depression. The ONLY decent landing is less than ideal to say the least. It's at the junction of a couple of foot paths. One going up, one going down and one that is kinda flat. Makes for a tricky approach which got the better of more than a few experienced canopy pilots. Power lines are always lurking nearby.

- Scoring was a bit secretive and scores sometimes didn't end up like people thought they would. I asked multiple times to see how I scored in individual rounds but never got to see them. I like friendly competitions, not for any awards, but to push myself to get better. I like to see where I went wrong so I can improve. If you are having a competition and that information isn't available then what's the point?

-Organization and communication was not very good. There were many, many times where the jumpers had no idea where to go or when to be places. Email communication was difficult as well.

- Accommodations in 2 of 3 places was a shared hostel type bedroom. (not a bad thing but I was under the impression that the high cost of registration would cover 2 people per room not 6.)

- Prize money at first event in Ponferrada was changed right before the awards ceremony to lower amounts.

- Prize money was changed for the second event in Hoz de Joca at the briefing to only include 1st place.

- Prize money for 3rd event in Rhonda was lowered at the event briefing as well. It was almost as if they were holding off to say something until they had people actually show up to pay some of the entry fees to gauge what they would change it to.Crazy

- Prize money that was won was promised numerous times but has still not materialized. In one of the last emails the organizers indicated that they would be paying out the prize money from entry fees collected from this years participants. To me this is BS and they are using jumpers. If they are using the entry fees to pay the old prizes then what will the new participants receive for their fees? Smaller rooms? No prizes? Less food? Somethings gotta give if they haven't already got sponsorship to cover these expenses that are promised as part of that entry fee. I didn't go for the prizes but I get perturbed when games like they are playing go on. If they didn't have prizes then say so. Don't build a money making business that relies on jumpers and then dick them around. Don't make promises and then change them last minute and then string people along until you take advantage of a new batch of jumpers.

- Be aware - - Organizers (Pixion Productions) are not BASE jumpers and are looking to use jumpers to sell footage to TV stations. By not being BASE jumpers they have little knowledge of what a safe jump, jumper or jumping environment is. They, as a money making business, want to get their footage in order to sell their product so you, as a jumper, need to be aware of your limitations and how to properly assess a technical jump and weather conditions on your own.

- Overall the events were worth it to me because of the people participating and working the event, the good times road tripping through Spain with eshutes, the interesting objects and the culture of Spain. The organizing and organizers leave a lot to be desired and seem to only have their interests in mind. Unfortunately it seems they see money in BASE jumping and will use jumpers to make that money. The objects are more on the advanced side of the spectrum I would say so the events may not be for casual slider up jumpers. Slider down experience on solid objects into small LZ's and good understanding of parachute flight in all conditions is strongly recommended.

There's my review of the events. Hope it gives some insight. I might have more to add later if anything comes to mind... maybe this should have been posted in the Events Forum.


May 25, 2017, 11:57 PM
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Re: [drills4skills] Spain legal base events. [In reply to] Can't Post

I stand corrected. Just received my prize money. Happy jumps.

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