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BASE Jumping : Rating

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Steve Morrell Stories: "Dead Steve: One Lucky Bastard!" - 2009-12-20 by JD Walker/BASE37 new

In the usual course of a days emails, Nick was kind enough to forward an email from someone who knew Steve, and was talking to Nick – and Nick knew I held Steve near and dear as a friend. I met Nick at the old Wildhorse West dropzone in NW Phoenix, about 1980 or maybe 1981. Its about then that Carl Boenish and a few others were starting to experiment with flinging their mortal bodies off things – not out of things, but off of things - and saving their lives at the last second with a parachute, from other cliffs than El Cap.
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5 out of 5 stars Waldschrat 2013-01-26
5 out of 5 stars illwreckyourbox 2011-07-24
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5 out of 5 stars TizzyLishNinja 2009-12-20