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Whether you're looking to get into BASE jumping and need information on how to get started, or find out more about the risks involved in BASE, or whether you're an experienced jumper looking to catch up on new techniques - our large selection of BASE jumping articles will provide you with what you need. From where to start to how to handle an emergency situation better.

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Apex BASE Announce Lobo Canopy - 2014-11-18 by admin

Apex BASE, the worlds largest manufacturer of BASE specific equipment, recently announced the debut of their new, completely redesigned canopy for exclusive use in the demanding BASE environment. The result of a full six years of testing and development, the airfoil has been reworked from the ground up.
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Apex BASE Black Band Press Release - 2014-02-13 by smskydiver

A Press Release from Apex BASE c. 2007 regarding black rubber bands and stowage of the Multiple Bridle Attachment
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Good Cowboys Wear Black. - 2013-05-21 by weathergirl

This was the first of four visits. Id get up at 4am, drive for an hour, stash the car and furtle about looking dodgy, slowly collecting information on security guards, lighting, cameras, deliveries and various routes in and out of the area.
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Aiguille du Midi WARNING!!!! - 2013-05-21 by le_blond

This jump and the Exit we used is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!! Opening the Brevent jump the week before, and the long negotiations that followed, have allowed very temporarily the 3 of us up there, for once only.
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The Self-Proclaimed Ambassador of BASE: Miles D - 2013-01-24 by CynthiaLynn

Miles greatest strength as a jumper, Quick reaction time coupled with serious mental training of identifying and reacting quickly to changing circumstances and situations. Also Id have to say that Ive seen a lot, by experience and watching game footage of others, so Im good at identifying things as they begin to go bad and correct them quickly to stay on track and have the perfect landing or at least a nice one almost every time.
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