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by BASEwiki
This page has a collection of opinions from different people explaining why they BASE jump. There are as many right reasons to jump as there are wrong reasons. It doesn’t really matter. In the end, what matters is that we understand all risks and have a a great time along the way.

Submitted by BASEwiki on 2007-06-14 | Last Modified on 2007-06-17

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Everyone has their own reasons for doing this. The feeling of leaving that object and being in Freefall is what I like. I've seen people climb up several times and never jump. You have to really want to do this and not be making yourself do this for any other than personal reasons. Nobody will( or should) ever make anyone go if they can't make themselves leave. it's what makes this unique.
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for me its the moments you can only experience while base jumping. for example; the moment when you let go of the handrail compressing your legs the split second before pushing off. its this glorious feeling of absolute commitment. your suspended in this state somewhere between life and death until the jump plays itself out collapsing reality to one of the two possiblities.
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Its all the planning and prep work, all the suck you usually have to put yourself through just to huck yourself from some sub-terminal object in the middle of the night. But when you get to the exit point and conditions are just right, taking a few moments to absorb the situation and then let it all go. Time stops and everything else in the world fades away for a second or two, its that seemingly eternal moment from exit to opening that makes every jump worth it. Free, if only for an instant.

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